30 Best Ways To Attract Referrals

How can I get referrals? I am sure that many times you have asked yourself that question. Surely, if you have tried it already, you will have noticed that sometimes it is not as easy as it seems. You will wonder if there is any way you do not know to win referrals, some way you could prove that you have not already tried. Well then, I present to you Read More >>

Lessons Learn From Amazon Prime’s Referral Program

Amazon is already gracing the top as the number one shopping app in the world. But from its recent activities, it is evident that the company is yet to be satisfied. To incentivize more customers to download the Amazon mobile app, the company is rolling out a referral program that allows new mobile app users to earn $10. Current app users, on the other hand, can earn $5 from sharing Read More >>

How to build a customer referral program?

If you want to create a great business and grow it unlike never before, the best thing that you can do is to start your own customer referral program. After all, customers are the best when it comes to promoting your business and they really place a lot of work and commit to the idea of helping you as much as possible. The best part is that once you start Read More >>

How to Drive Traffic to a Shopify Store?

Launching a new business on Shopify sounds like a great idea but getting this business to run properly is completely another story. At first, you may be excited about all the sales and great reviews that will come pouring in, but reaching that stage is not that easy. There are some rules, tips and techniques that can be considered when you start a new business on Shopify. At times, you Read More >>

Dropbox Referral Program Success Strategies

By only sending an invitation message to your friend and following simple steps, it would earn both of you bonuses. In the recent referral program by Dropbox, the company boosted its value up to ten billion dollars. Dropbox has been rated the best company when it comes to the referral program and has used its existing users to increase the number of users. HERE ARE SOME FACTS ABOUT DROPBOX REFERRAL Read More >>

Referral Tracking – Why You Need It and How It Boosts Referral Marketing Performance

Referral marketing is the most effective marketing. But many providers still consider this type of marketing as a stroke of luck. Little did they know they could get the best affiliate training online to learn the secret to a successful referral marketing program. In this article, we are going to show you why you need to track your referrals and other tips to improve your marketing performance of your referral Read More >>

Referral Marketing Strategies

A good referral program is important to help you really bridge the gap between you, your supporters, and your potential clientele in the market. It’s important you have a clear cut goal with your referral program so that it’s easier to get people to follow your message. However, you don’t want to follow a simple method from someone because that gets old and boring. You need to have your own Read More >>

20 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

It’s always important to have some type of direction with any kind of marketing you plan to do for your company. Think of it as coming up with the right promotion plan in order to put yourself ahead of the rest. Some people have more of social influence, and other people focus on a good sign up on their website. Also, there are business owners who appreciate a more direct Read More >>

How To Create a Referral Program For Existing Customers

Marketing to new customers is quite common. It is the process of expanding your reach until new customers discover your website. This can be done through social media marketing, guest blogging and SEO. From here, your customer base grow at a rapid pace depending on your reach. The more promotion you do, the better. But how about existing customers? Online business owners have this bad habit of forgetting about existing Read More >>

What are Ambassadors?

Times have changed. Gone are the days when companies promote on traditional media to promote their products and services. Nowadays, you can tap different brand ambassadors or advocates in different niches to promote your product for you. One way to make sure they are tracked effectively and easily on your end is by implementing a shopify referral software. What are Ambassadors? Brand ambassadors are those who uphold the name of the Read More >>

How Hair Salons Can Set Up a Successful Referral Program

When it comes to any service business, it’s important to think of how to be creative in marketing. There are different outlets like social media and streaming can truly make the brand more visible. For something like a hair profession, word of mouth and reputation prove powerful for long-term stability and growth. It’s all about making sure a person’s appearance is in tip top shape. Even setting up a referral Read More >>

How to Secure Your Referral Program in 2019

One of the worst things that can happen to your referral program is a customer getting rewarded for cheating the system. Not only will this make you lose money, it will make your referral program highly ineffective as well. When a customer makes fake referrals, you are not exposing your brand to new people. Instead, you are only known to one person, the referrer. With this, security measures must be Read More >>