11 Reasons Why You Need Brand Ambassadors’ Now

You might be asking, who is a brand ambassador? In a general stance, a brand ambassador is anyone employed by an organization, company or firm for a reliable representation of their business or brand, for the sole purpose of creating brand awareness and sale increase. In other words, they are charged with the promotion and visibility of a business brand.

There are numerous platforms from which they do this, either through their social media handles, trade fairs, talk shows, television adverts, etc. If you want to stamp your business firmly in the marketplace, a brand ambassador ensures that your target market is adequately reached.

There are numerous reasons why a brand ambassador is an ideal option for your business. Regular daily business operation is not enough; your business has to incorporate the services of a brand ambassador in other to rise beyond your headstrong competitors. Here are innumerable reasons why a brand ambassador is needed in your business.

1. They give a voice to your product

Your potential market is more inclined to buy a product recommended by someone they know, than a native or traditional advert on TV. Although numerous firms or companies have branded themselves using logos and symbols, they never neglect to humanize their product by imploring an ambassador.

With an ambassador, you give your product and services a voice. When they engage people with your products, their emotions also surface, making potential targets to convert to customers quickly. Ambassadors can become a fantastic influence, causing others to become your most significant marketing ambassadors. 

During trade fairs or talk shows, ambassadors become the main attraction of your brand. They become synonymous with what they present, thereby creating more attention to your brand. The effect of humanizing your product is an increase in sales, engagement and customer loyalty.

2. Brand ambassadors are experts in social media marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, brand ambassadors are the best bet. Since they are authorities in their niche and have relatively good followership on social media, making a tremendous impact in your brand becomes an easy piece of cake. When a brand ambassador tweets, Instagram or Facebook about your brand, they are bound to go viral since they command a large amount of influence.

When they post about your brand, it enters the spotlight, and the chances of it getting shared or retweeted by tons of people are very high. You discover that your brand is going viral than you might have never imagined. If there is no other reason why you need a brand ambassador, social media promotion is more than enough. That simple act leads to more engagement and sales.

3. They help build brand trust

One of the most excellent tools used to succeed in business is trust. If your company lacks this great ingredient, you might find your brand struggling in the ocean of competition. To build trust and compel your target market to buy your products, hire a reputable brand ambassador. Someone who they know and trust will be a terrific decision.

Traditional ads or social media sponsored posts doesn't pull many results. That is because the number of companies or organizations using that same model are enormous. Not only do these advertising not reaching as many people as it should, but they also are not cost-effective either. Social media users are more likely to click on a recommended product by an authority they trust, compared to a paid advertisement from a foreign company they have never heard of.

4. They help build your customer base

One of the great reasons why a brand ambassador should be signed is due to their potential to pull in more customers to your base. Your brand ambassador has to be an authority in your industry. For instance, if your brand deals on a toothbrush, a renowned dentist as an ambassador will be the ideal choice.

Since they are an authority, a recommendation from them will lead to lots of their clients or customers converting to your customers immediately. The more they associate with your product, talk about your product and recommend them, the more your customer base stretch. You might need another server or email list to contain the newcomers.

Every business aims to get as many customers as possible, and a brand ambassador makes that dream becomes a reality.

5. Brand ambassadors increase traffic to your website

If your business is online-based like an eCommerce store, a brand ambassador will ensure your website pulls a lot to traffic. They have thousands of followers on all their social media handles and whenever they make a post about your brand or product, be ready to get lots of buzz for that mention

You might need to contact your hosting company for the bandwidth of your website to be increased. If not, the overwhelming traffic might shut down your site. When everything is in place, and you are getting that enormous traffic, that will lead to an increase in engagement and conversion.

Traffic equals money, and if your website is well monetized, you will be making lots of money from that traffic.

6. Brand ambassadors create more ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are unique individuals, and the ones with huge followings on social media can make a tremendous difference in your business. When they share your brand in their social handles, their audience is more inclined to interact with it, and also share with their network. Their network can also interact and share if the product adds some value into their life. Through these many shares, your brand go viral and in front of an extensive network of people who trust the messenger.

Those brand ambassadors, through their numerous post about your brand, can influence their audience to become loyal customers and ambassadors too. With that, your brand continues to grow without wasting a ton on advertisement or promotion that brings no result.

7. A mediator between the brand and the customer

A brand ambassador can serve as a link between your target market and your business. If your brand deals on teens clothing, making a celebrity like Justin Bieber, an ambassador can be an excellent choice. With millions of followers on social media, he can serve as the mediator between your brand and your target market.

They can answer customers' questions and queries concerning your products or brand. Because the ambassador is an authority and a respected figure, they are bound to hold his words in high esteem. If perhaps your market is campus students, you can have a campus ambassador, a student who serves as a link between the company and the potential market. That is one of the usefulness of having a brand ambassador.

8. Cost-effectiveness

One of the ideal reasons companies are opting for brand ambassador is because they are cost-effective, compared to traditional ads. Unlike ads that are driven by rewards, a brand ambassador is motivated intrinsically. Although most times, your business will have to compensate with prizes, awards, etc. However, an ambassador's most magnificent vision is to see that your brand grows and succeeds.

Often, a brand ambassador can help your business for free, without asking anything in return. Nevertheless, it is humane to shower them with free products as encouragement. Traditional ads will cost you lots of money, and yet, much results will not be seen. But a brand ambassador is cost-effective and brings in more results. That is because people will always interact with an ambassador than a native ad.

9. A long term advocate

Brand ambassadors will always be there, through the storm and waves until your business succeeds. They work long-term, in order to adequately serve the needs of your brands. Their authenticity, longevity and expertise are what has made them the ideal choice for any brand seeking growth.

Unlike a social media influencers or traditional ads, a brand ambassador goes an extra mile to establish a long term relationship with your brand. Based on the passion they have for your business, they are more likely to promote and advertise your business or brand in their numerous channels.

10. Source of feedback

Brand ambassadors are most approachable when it comes to giving feedback or reviews about your products. Since they already have a network of people who trust them, their network will always provide honest criticisms about your brand. That will help you to work on your flaws and improve as a brand.

Apart from feedback from customers, brand ambassadors are also customers. After using your product, they also offer valuable insight on how to further improve the product and make it stand out. The marketplace is a competitive jungle, and if your brand must stay, you have to be ever ready to work on flaws whenever they are disclosed. A brand ambassador helps tremendously in that regard.

11. Creates the 'loyalty ripple effect.'

It is a psychological concept that purports that most loyal customers won't just add value to your brand by making purchases; they also refer more customers through word of mouth communication. When a brand ambassador recommends a product to his audience, his audience is most likely to recommend the same to their network, and thus, more customers converted.

If you want to boost sales, triple your customer base and brand awareness, ensuring that you get the best brand ambassador should be a top priority. The right ambassador determines that amount of reach and impacts your brand will receive. In choosing the right ambassador, you can either go for a campus ambassador, an expert or a celebrity. Your industry and your affordability determine the option you go for.

Choosing The Right Brand Ambassador For Your Business

After knowing the crucial benefits of a brand ambassador, you might be wondering how to get the right ambassador that ensures growth is felt in your business. In that case, here are some points to take note of when choosing an ambassador for your brand.

1. Social media love

Before you choose a brand ambassador, you have to ensure that he or she is loved on social media. There are more than a billion people on social media, including your target market. A brand ambassador who has a fabulous social media presence is the best bet. 

2. They can write

One of the mistakes that shouldn't be made is a misrepresentation. That can happen when a brand ambassador posts something contrary to what he intended. Before you choose a brand ambassador, ensure the person can write without hassles. That way, you have nothing to fear about misrepresentation.

3. Expert

Your brand ambassador has to be an expert in your industry. If you are into toothbrush manufacturing, a dentist as an ambassador is a great example. Since they are seen as experts in the dental world, their recommendation will no doubt pull a lot of sales and conversion. That will lead to more money being made.

4. Free communication with followers

Unlike celebrities who hardly interact with their followers on social media, a brand ambassador, on the other hand, does. You must choose an ambassador who is known to communicate with their followers continually. Through that process, the reputation and the ability to take action is heightened. 

5. Great reputation

Your brand ambassador has to be one who is respected in the market and has an excellent reputation. With its reputation, your target market will be able to take action without hesitation. Reputation is what your brand needs, and if you must get it right, get an ambassador who is respected and has an excellent reputation.


There are numerous reasons why your brand needs an ambassador. Apart from the points mentioned earlier, they strive to make sure that your business grows to the height you envision. Sometimes, they do this without payment or any form of reward. If you are yet to get a brand ambassador for your brand, drafting a plan, and how to recruit them will be a great line of action.

9 Response to "11 Reasons Why You Need Brand Ambassadors’ Now"

  1. Comment From Nick Remar

    When you’re building your brand, it’s important to hire an ambassador that knows the mission of your business. They can help create a positive image for your business.

  2. Comment From Daria Jonas

    Giving your product a voice makes it more accessible to people. There’s a certain feeling that people gravitate to, which adds a human quality to your campaign.

  3. Comment From Lenard Brock

    Sometimes a brand ambassador helps you free up your time. You can focus on the product while they do all of the social media work to drive customers to your site.

  4. Comment From Torrance Rankin

    Trust is the most important thing to have in business. When you’re able to gain the trust of others, it allows you to have long-lasting relationship between you and your customers.

  5. Comment From Charlie Haines

    When you work with an ambassador, that’s like adding another authority on your team. It helps you reinforce your message and gives you the tools to expand your customer base.

  6. Comment From Maven Randolph

    When you’re able to get an ambassador, you’ll see an influx in traffic. It’s important that you increase the bandwidth on your site to help your site prepare for all the new activity.

  7. Comment From Steve Drayton

    Your brand ambassador has the potential to influence other ones. You can create a more viral campaign that brings a lot of traction to your mission. You’ll have the potential to build an empire without spending tremendous marketing dollars.

  8. Comment From Todd Macklemore

    Staying in a budget is very important. Hiring an ambassador allows you to stay cost-effective because you can create a contract. You don’t have to worry about fluctuating costs like buying traditional ads.

  9. Comment From Louis Rhames

    Always look for an ambassador that’s an extension of you. They not only have a good reputation and can bring in customers, but they align with your message. It’ll be a lot easier to build consistency across the board.

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