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Dave Schneider

" Before Omnistar Tell, we had a custom referral program that we were using from a previous software. It was very limited, and it didn't integrate with Stripe. We needed a new solution, and that was Omnistar Tell. Omnistar Tell has allowed us to create custom coupons, affiliate links, and manage everything in their dashboard. It is simple and easy to run an referral program with Omnistar Tell. "

Frank Clark

" Omnistar Tell has helped us by giving us the ability to allow others that are not traditional resellers to leverage their audience and relationships without making a significant investment. It Provides more options for different resellers to spread the word of our product. "

Jonathan Handley

" Omnistar Tell has enabled to have a really efficient business model. It would be impractical for our health professional affiliates to stock all the sizes of our women's, maternity and men's pillow pocket pajamas. With the Omnistar app, our affiliates never have to pay us anything and we only pay them when their patients become our customers. "


" We tried 3 other affiliate systems before we settled on Omnistar. It is the only system we've worked with that tracks reliably across all of our landing pages on all browsers and OS. "

Jonathan Bender

" Our business has benefited tremendously from the Omnistar Referral Software. Our entire reseller program is based on what we have setup with Omnistar and all of our affiliate partners truly love the ability to keep track of their own stats. "

John Holling

" We looked high and low for an referral software that would work well for us. It seemed that every time we thought we had found a good solution, it turned out that a vital element was missing. We also had frustrating experiences getting support from some providers. Then we found Omnistar Tell. It was very easy to set up, completely customizable, and provides a great user experience for us and for our affiliates. "

Miami New Construction Show

" The Miami New Construction Show is the premier annual event for Real Estate buyers and investors to gain valuable information and form invaluable contacts within the South Florida new construction industry. "

Mark Ament

" We went with Omnistar Tell due to overall better features and customer service. It wasn't an easy decision since Omnistar Tell has a monthly fee, but we were convinced after the trial that Omnistar Tell would be well worth the extra cost. "

Ian Thompson

" ROI: $240 to pay for it for 1 year and have made this in a few months. Great value. "

Eric Counts

" By using Omnistar Referral Software, we are able to track and pay affiliates that would have been impossible by hand. With our pricing structure, no two people's service is the same. Omnistar Tell lets us make sure our affiliate team is provided the best service possible. "

Patton Gleason

" Our site traffic, sales and conversions have all been positively influenced by using Omnistar Tell. "

Wasim Khamlichi

" Omnistar Tell has been great for my business, it has helped me gain helpful affiliates willing to promote my business. The software is easy to set up and customize and looks a lot better than most other affiliate solutions out there. It was easy enough to integrate into my system and the documentation is very in depth and helpful. "

Alex ShirleySmith

" We used Omnistar Tell to drive bottom - up sales of our portable treehouse / tree tent! The response from the pubic has been enthusiastic beyond our wildest expectations. "

Josephus Callaars

" We use the Affiliation program for promoting our CRM. By creating affiliates that promote our product, and by having great sale margins we make sure everyone gets the most of what they do. "

Totally ADD Shop

" Using it to promote and market our ADHD videos, books and products and services. "

Kylie Carlson

" We are using the Omnistar referral program to raise brand awareness. We are offering wedding and event professionals the opportunity to display our affiliate banners on their website which helps to drive traffic. If the traffic results in an enrolment within a 6 month period the affiliate will receive a 5% commission. "

John Wong

" A very easy and simple referral program to set up! It is also very customizable and affordable and look forward to continued use as part of our marketing strategy. "

Ian Burrows

" Omnistar software allowed us to easily set-up a program to reward our clients for referring their colleagues at a fraction of the cost that other companies were quoting. Your software was very easy to install and modify to our requirements and your support team were always on hand to answer any questions. "

John Lerrato

" Since resorting to a 5 tier affiliate system, my affiliates are happier and so am I. Using Omnistar Tell was a wise decision even though it was a huge task changing over from a one tier system ran by another platform. "

Wences G

" Within our marketing strategy we decided to create an referral program as a sales channel for the company and after evaluating several solutions, we decided on Omnistar Tell. We believe that Affiliates will help us increase our business so we can say that Omnistar Tell is key in order to achieve our goals in this area. "


" Ominstar referral software has boosted our sales while driving traffic to our website. This program is easy to use and installs in minutes. We would recommend it to any new businesses or businesses that are looking to improve their visibility. "

Roy Stocker

" Omnistar Tell solution was a smooth, painless and easy integration for our WordPress & BigCommerce setup for Thanks again, OmniStar Team. "