71 Best Referral Programs To Make Money – Updated 2019

Software Companies:

1. Omnistar Affiliate- Signup for their referral program

Omnistar affiliate would help your business grow more sales through word of mouth marketing. When you use Omnistar you are giving your customers a link that they can use in order to promote your company in their social media channels or by Email. And when you get a successful sale from a customer’s link, Omnistar would track it and reward the customer.

2. Dropbox- Sign up for their referral program

We all have heard about the case study that showed off the amazing growth they got from their beta launch video that has gone viral. If you haven’t, then go ahead and look for it. Dropbox offers and is still looking for things to improve in order to increase the rate of retention and referral metrics with available in app rewards in storage.

3. Evernote- Sign up for their referral program

Evernote is a popular software for taking notes, but little did you know that they also offer a refer a friend program to reward users that invite their friends too. They reward in free months or storage whenever a friend signs up and get a premium subscription.

4. Typeform- Sign up for their referral program

Typeform is a SaaS company that have established themselves as a go-to place for mobile forums and surveys. Their refer a friend program offers a double sided 10% reward fro their pro customers. They teamed up with SaaSquatch to build their referral program.

5. BOX- Sign up for their referral program

What makes box different from the others is that they have a lot of questions regarding your experiences as you sign up, you might think it’s too much but it’s just to help them decide where to put you. They have different sales teams so they need to put you where you have a higher chance of closing a deal.

6. G Suite- Sign up for their referral program

G suite is developed by Google. It offers cloud computing, tools for collaborations, productivity and a lot more.

7. SugarSync- Sign up for their referral program

Sugar Sync users mainly aim to invite power users so they get the best rewards available. Yes, their referral is tiered and double sided. They offer 500MB as well as 10GB.

8. Equityfeed- Sign up for their referral program

Equityfeed is a stock paying platform. They reward as much as 10%double sided discounts when you refer new paid customers. They have a very strong conversion rate in their trial and paid version, meaning it really is converting even when you need to pay a fee.

9. Marin Software- Sign up for a referral program

Marine Software would be willing to spend up to $2,000 for every successful referral you can give them. They’re an enterprise software, and their customers spend as much as $100,000 per month with them, so $2,000 as a reward isn’t really too much for them. So if you’ll try this out, aim for the best plan because that has a higher offer.

10. LastPass- Sign up for a referral program

LastPass is a storage provider for passwords. It’s referral program rewards are one-sided. And if you give them a successful referral you get a month free premium plan.

11. Shoeboxed- Sign up for areferral program

Shoeboxed is a software for cloud accounting, they recognize the value of referrals and decided to scale their strategy with a well-structures referral program. For every referral you give them you receive a 10% discount.

12. HubStaff- Sign up for a referral program

HUbstaff offers a 10% discount to both the referred and referrer. Their team loves expliring and experimenting more ways to promote their referral program. You can see their referral program all across their website, app, and even in their FAQs.

13. Prezi- Sign up for their referral program

Prezi is a well-known presentation software, they also offer a one-sided referral program. They aim to bring in new sign ups to their “enjoy” plan which is the entry level one. When you successfully refer a friend, you get three months free as an “Enjoy” user.

14. Upserve- Sign up to their referral program

Upserve is a well-known management platform for restaurants. They reward their referrers by donating to clean water fund. Their program is more focused on unselfish motivations and that’s what they use to get more referrals.

15. YesWare- Sign up to their referral program

The reason why YesWare run a referral program is so that they could capitalize in the positive word of mouth and at the same time reward their customers for being loyal. Whenever you give them a successful referral, you will be rewarded with a 100 free tracking events.

16. Orangear – Sign up for their referral program

Orangear is leading SAAS performance marketing platform for creating and scaling your ad network, manage campaigns, publishers, income and expenses, accounts, payments, analytics tools, etc. effortlessly and in real time.  Using their referral program you will get a bonus of 30% from the sum of purchased plans for each referred user.


17. World of Warcraft- Sign up for their referral program

World of war craft is the most successful video game ever since it has been launched. They have millions and millions of active members. Through their recruit a friend program, at 10 years of being around they are still attracting new customers.

Mobile E-Commerce

18. Lyft- Sign up for a referral program

In North America, Lyft is a huge competitor of Uber. They give referral rewards from $10 to $50. Eith them you can be aggressive in acquiring new markets.

19. GetAround- Sign up for a referral program

With GetAround, when you recruit drivers you get paid as much as $200, for customers they offer $20.

20. Uber- Sign up for a referral program

Uber has still remained on top of the best list because of its useful rewards. As their competition is growing, they’re aiming to gain more edge.

21. Airbnb- Sign up to join their referral program

Airbnb is an international travel marketplace that has an in-app referral offer. They give out different rewards depending on where you’re from. This is a very ideal approach for global brands.

Digital Retailers:

22. EventBrite- Sign up for their referral program

EventBrite offers a single sided referral reward which is $10. Their style is affiliate like and they ask their customers to get people to sign up so they could earn the reward. One sided referral programs don’t really excel as much as double sided ones but if your company has something good to offer to their members then this type of referral program could work for you too.

23. HomeSuite- Sign up to their referral program

HomeSuite is a vacation rental marketplace. They use a double sided referral program. They offer the referred friend a $100 discount and the referrer a $100 gift card.

24. Gilt- Sign up to join their referral program

Gilt is a digital retailer that gives a single sided reward. They offer $25 and is the first program to try out using a large QR code CTA. They also make inviting through email, Twitter, and facebook.

25. Zulily- Sign up to join the referral program

Zulily is rocking a modern design. They have a CTAs for known email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo, and even Gmail. With them the reward is given in the currency of the region.

26. Busbuds- Sign up to their referral program

As the name makes it obvious, busbuds is a bus marketplace. They reward customers not just for being loyal or for referring a friend but for a positive word of mouth. They have a website such as an application to be more easily accessed.

27. ThredUp- Sign up to their referral program

With ThredUp it’s as easy as you get $10, you give $10. Yes, it’s double sided and keeps people more engaged. They have made email and Facebook referral invites possible.

28. JackThreads- Sign up for their referral program

JackThreads is a fashion retailer for Men. They keep people engaged and get attention of prospect customers by using beautiful long images in their program. They offer tiered rewards with $20 for conversions and $10 for signups that they get.

29. Tile- Sign up to join their referral program

They have a multichannel program to refer friends. The moment you visit their web you’d see that their program is pretty much integrated in it. They offer a one sided reward structure where people earn tiles for every friend they refer.

30. Indochino- Sign up to join their referral program

With Indochino we’re talking about double sided rewards of a hundred dollars and fifty dollars for the other person. Their brand uses beautiful photos to showcase what they have to offer and get people interested.

31. Wayfair- Sign up to join their referral program

Wayfair offers a double sided reward, all you need to do is upload your friends email address and when they sign up, you both get $10.

32. Frank & Oak- Sign up for their referral program

Frank and oak offers $25 dollars to both the referrer and referred. You can either send your invites through email or copy and paste the link to Facebook. Pretty easy, right?

33. GrubHub- Sign up to join their referral program

When it comes to food delivery, where else would you go to? And in order for them to reward their customers loyalty they offer as much as $12 for every friend that signs up.

34. Chipolo- Sign up to join their referral program

They encourage friend invites and offer a double sided rewards. Chipolo app users get 20% discount and the newly referred person gets points that they can use in Chipolo.

35. PillPack- Sign up to join their referral program

PillPack offers a slightly different but good referral reward. They offer a charitable donation of a hundred dollars to RxArt. If you’re wondering what RxArt is, it’s a children’s hospital initiative to change the appearance of hospital wings into a more appealing environment.

36. Snapwire- Sign up to join their referral program

Snapwire offers a double sided $20 credit in their referral program. They also offer rewards for a positive word of mouth. No wonder they have grown so fast.

37. Julep- Sign up to join their referral program

Julep’s referral program gives you $15 credit in their website. They make their referral program mor playful by making it seem like it’s just a normal and natural conversation between buddies.

38. Amuze- Sign up to join their referral program

They are a fashion portal exclusive to members. They offer discounts on authentic brands. They only offer $25 as their referral fee but the discount you’d get with them are superb.

39. The Clymb’s- Sign up to join their referral program

The Clymb offers adventure and sporting gears. They used to have a different referral reward but as of now it’s $10 credit for a minimum purchase of $50.

40. Erin Condren’s- Sign up to join their referral program

With Erin Condren, she focuses on giving her customers the best experience, and that’s why it works so great.

41. True&Co’s- Sign up to join their referral program

An online lingerie store that recommends lingerie for your personal size. They use a special algorithm just to make sure you are getting your personal size and not a generic one. They offer a double sided reward of $15.

42. Wool Overs’- Sign up to join their referral program

If you’re one of their advocates then you get £50 off while and you give you friend 20% off. Quite generous, right? They even sell all over the world so you can try them out wherever you are.

43. GREATS- Sign up to join their their referral program

A Brooklyn based brand that offers designer sneakers at a very affordable price. They offer a double sided reward of $10 off on their next order.

44. DapperTime’s Sign up to join their referral program

DapperTime is different because their reward is 20% off the total shopping your friend made.

45. Leonisa’s Sign up to join their referral program

Leonisa offers their advocate a double sided reward. They offer the referred person 15% off and give their advocates a reward of $15 off.

46. Okabashi’s- Sign up to joint their referral program

They don’t really offer much in their referral program but they offer products that customers really love.

47. Perkla’s- Sign up to their referral program

Their shop is exclusive for students. When a student signs up with them they are given discounts to a lot of online shops like converse, Bonobo, Apple, Reebok.

48. Beckett Simonon’s- Sign up to join their referral program

They offer a double sided reward of $25 to the referrer and referred.

49. Sesura- Sign up to their referral program

They offer Asian fast fashion at a very low price. They give discounts and coupons in order to make customers want to buy more and more.

50. Rothy’s Sign up to their referral program gives $20 to both friends and advocates

Rothy is an online store that mixes a sneaker and a ballet flat together to create comfortable stylish flats. They give their referrers and referred customers $20.

51. YogaClub’s Sign up to join their referral program

YogaClub has a monthly subscription box that shows customers new yoga brands that are priced low. They give their advocates and new customers 25% off.

Beauty and Grooming

52. Dorco USA’s- Sign up to their Referral Program

A shop that sells blades for razors. Dollar shave club even uses their blades so they must be pretty good. They offer friends $5 off and their advocates 5% from the amount of their friends total purchase.

53. Bevel’s- Sign up to their Referral Program

Bevel offers shaving products for those with coarse skin, curly hair, etc. They offer a double sided free month for every referral that’s successful.

VAPE Juices

54. Grenco Science’s referral program

Grenco science is a vape company. They are also tied to nonprofit organizations so whenever you purchase from them some of it goes to proceeds. For every successful referral they give the friends 15% off and their advocates 20%.


55. Dermstore’s referral program

Dermstore offers a double sided $10 for every purchase made by the friend.

56. Adore Beauty referral program

This beauty store online has been around for the longest time. they offer a double sided reward of $10 off for every successful referral.

57. Thrive Causemetics- referral program

They give $10 off to both the referrer and referred, but that’s not all because every time you make a purchase they donate one to empower another woman who has been through domestic violence or is thriving through cancer.

58. JeNu’s- referral program

They offer an infuser to make other skin care products work better. They give $50 off to their advocates for every successful referral and $20 off to the new customer.

gives $20 off for Friends and $50 off for Advocates

59. Oxyfresh’s- referral program

They offer safe products made with Oxygene. In their eferral program they offer the friends 10% off and the referrer $10 off for every $50 purchase made.

gives Friends 10% and Advocates $10 off orders above $50

60. Strip’s Refer-a-Friend program

For Strip’s referral reward, they offer their advocates credits that they could redeem and referred persons %50 off.

gives 50% off for Friends and redeemable credits for Advocates

Telecom and Media:

61. Hulu Plus- Sign up to refer a friend

Hulu offers a two weeks free trial in order to bring in more sign ups. They also implement an email invite to improve their conversions.

62. Netflix- Join their referral program

Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Netflix. But did you know that they had a refer a friend campaign? They used to be a DVD rental service and while they were transitioning into video streaming they used a refer a friend program. The referral program is what made them as successful and known as they are today.

63. Dish- Sign up to join their referral program

They offer different structures as their rewards. They let you choose from getting a free echo dot, 12 free pay per view movies, or %50 bill credits. So it’s up to the referrer to choose which would suit them best.

64. DirecTV- Sign up to join their referral program

The structure of DirecTV is a bit similar to those of DISH. But they offer a higher reward of up to a hundred dollars to their top customers.

65. AT&T- Sign up to join their referral program

They run a refer a friend program that highlights their five core offerings. They offer %575 a year in bold to really catch people’s attention.

66. T-Mobile- Sign up to join their referral program

Their demographics would more likely catch the attention of the younger ones. You get a $50 prepaid mastercard for inviting your friends over to T-mobile. You could get rewarded up to 100 times per year as long as it’s a qualified account.

67. Sprint- Sign up to join their referral program

Another telcom giant that makes use of referral programs. They have a double sided reward of an American express reward card with $50 every time your referral is a success.

68. Rogers- Sign up to join there referral program

Even if they’re the largest telecom in Canada, they just reward one sided. They give a reward of $25 credit whenever a referral is successful.

Food and supplements

69. Kitchensurfing’s- referral program

If there’s airbnb then kitchensurfing is the airbnb for chefs and kitchens. They offer a tiered referral program.


70. Chase Bank- Sign up to join their referral program

Chase offers a double sided program in rewarding. They give $50 for every time a referral is a success.

71. Questrade- Sign up to join their referral program

Questrade is a stock trading platform. They use a double sided referral program to make customers invite their friends to start trading with their platform. They have a tiered reward program starting with $25, and you get $50 on your third referral that’s successful.

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