How To Ask The Right Questions For Referrals And Maximize Your Conversion

Nora Roberts said, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” referrals are an essential part of every business. Not only do they help build customer relationships, but they also bring in new customers. As Nora said, if you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO. However, knowing how to ask, and the right question to ask is of paramount importance if you need a great result. One of Read More >>

Referral Fees Ultimate Guide – Updated 2019

What is a referral fee, and how can you use it to improve your business income? A referral fee is what keeps new customers flowing into your business which means more clients. You can create a network of individuals who will take money for referring your business to others.The payment will be fixed, and that is what is known as a referral fee.  When a person has successfully brought a sale Read More >>

How to Grow Your Business Faster by Using Reciprocity

Psychology in The MarketWhat is the basic principle of reciprocity? How does reciprocity work? How to use reciprocity to gain benefits from your marketing efforts?  Let’s dive deeper. “If you scratch my back I will scratch your back.”Some people call it just returning a favor or paying it forward, but science describes this in a word that is called reciprocity. Reciprocity has continuously helped humanity to survive in different ways, especially in the Read More >>

B2B Referral Programs: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to referral marketing, you are not just looking at businesses that involve B2C. It also includes people who are trusting the makers of decision from B2B so that it becomes easier for them to conclude their purchases. Unlike other companies, B2B will listen to what a customer has to say and act accordingly. According to reports from word-of-mouth, on social media B2B has proved to influence the decisions Read More >>

Reasons Why You Need a Referral Program

If you want to generate a lot of growth and take your company to the next level, the best thing that you can do is start a referral program. This helps enhance your online exposure and take the company to an entirely new level. That being said, it’s not always easy to start a referral program. You need to understand what such a program expects from you, how to set it Read More >>

Ecommerce SEO – Ultimate Guide [2019 Edition]

Ecommerce is growing. In the US alone, sales have increased to up to $327 billion in just three years. The same is also happening all over the world. Just look at the amount people are spending. What does this mean? It means that there are plenty of opportunities in selling online. Imagine. That is $327 billion at your disposal in the US alone. Just imagine getting a slice of that $327 Read More >>

Referral Marketing 101: Launch Your Referral Campaign – Updated 2019

Referral marketing is the process of allowing your customers or followers to refer your website to other people. Through a referral program, they can input the email addresses or other contact information of their family members or friends and let these people know about the products or services that you provide. Because of this, referral marketing is also known as word-of-mouth marketing – It is because it is the act Read More >>

Referral Messaging Examples and Best Practices

An effective referral program is the one that will drive the customers to tell their friends and family about your product or service.  A good referral program will let customers perform various things smoothly. Will let the customer quickly figure who might need the product.  Urge customers to tell their friends about the referral program with excitement. Will let the customer easily remember about the referral program whenever their friends talk about a particular Read More >>

How Does Social Media Drive Word of Mouth Marketing

What Is Word of Mouth Marketing?Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing because people tend to pay more attention to the suggestions given by their friends and relatives than any other source. Anything time you tell your friends or relatives about any good product or service, you are basically promoting that product/service by word of mouth. Suggesting good things to the people we know comes naturally. It must Read More >>

12 Mobile Referral Program Examples and Why They Rock

There you go guys, this is the complete list of examples that could be useful for you at the moment.  This is a generation of smartphones. On average, an individual spends at least 5 hours a day using a smartphone and other smart screens. This means that the world is traveling more towards smartphone technology and so are the businesses and even news. You might have noticed that even on news Read More >>

16 Best Referral Call To Action Slogans For More Sales

Currently, word of mouth influences purchasing decisions between 20% and 50%, which makes it the main factor when buying. In fact, the revenue from referred clients are at least 16% higher. Such a figure could become wasted income if the referral program does not convert. Therefore, you will need a Call to Action that specifies to let them attract more people/referral. This article will show you how to make a good referral Read More >>

Why Use Brand Ambassadors

If you know that your company does something incredible but fails to promote your message. Then, you want it to reach the ears of many more people, we have the answer. You need a brand ambassador. Sometimes marketing strategies are lacking something and branding needs a spark, this is when we welcome our brand ambassador. It’s time to give that extraordinary thing to someone extraordinary. In this article we will Read More >>