Referral Messaging Examples and Best Practices

An effective referral program is the one that will drive the customers to tell their friends and family about your product or service. 

A good referral program will let customers perform various things smoothly. 

  • Will let the customer quickly figure who might need the product. 
  •  Urge customers to tell their friends about the referral program with excitement. 
  • Will let the customer easily remember about the referral program whenever their friends talk about a particular problem whose solution is given by the product being promoted. 

So, all this depends a lot on how good your referral message is. 

What is Referral Message?

It is the message which will be communicated to the customer’s friend when they will tell them about your program. 

So, the message must be unambiguous, easy to understand, catchy, and original. It must give the best first impression of your company, which people cannot ignore. A lot of difficult work required to get such a message written? Indeed! 

But this message is going to be the backbone of your referral program, and if you have written it well, you will be able to achieve a lot more referral sales, and you won’t have to make extra efforts to share your referral program. 

How to Write Your Referral Message?

There is always a motive behind buying some product, and that motive is to solve some problem. So, the customers only care about their problem, and they buy your product as its solution. Now the customers would always want to help their friends to solve the same problem, so, they will refer them to your product.  

To gain customer’s friend’s attention and approval, you need your referral message to focus on their motive. Your message must value your customers’ needs and wants. But how can you create such a word? There is no hard and fast rule for writing a referral message, but your message must be clear and discuss the solid results a customer would get after using your product or service. It must not be very long; rather, it must be short and catchy. 

How to Craft the Best Referral Share Messaging

  • Include Logo
  • Let Your Customers Know About You
  • Include an Image Showing What You Sell
  • Let Your Customers Know What’s in For Them
  • Use words like “I” and “My”
  • Let the Customers Know Their Next Step

Whenever the customers send referrals for your brand, they are promoting your company for free. To gain maximum from this free advertisement, make sure you include your company’s logo in the referral message. 

While not everyone will pay attention to your referral message, but you must include everything properly in your message as it will be giving your brand’s first impression, and it does matter a lot. Every time a message is sent, your logo makes its way to new people and helps to make a connection with the present as well as future clients. 

Let Your Customers Know About You

Okay, your customers just shared your product, but what now? Don’t you think it would be better to include some info about your company which will help you to gain the confidence of new customers? Makes sense, right? Include a general description of who you are and then continue with the rest of your message. 

It is always crucial to make people buy your product, so you must include everything that is needed to get their attention and their confidence. 

Include an Image Showing What You Sell

Including an image will let your message give an excellent and effective first impression. It is the only opportunity to get attention and get them moving. You should use an image that depicts your product’s benefits and persuades users to act in your referral message. 

Let Your Customers Know What’s in For Them

A person sees hundreds of advertisements a day and to gain his/her attention, you need a message that will resonate with the person’s need. In so many words and ads, you need to pave the way for your message to the customer’s attention. Otherwise, it will be lost in the crowd like all the others. 

To rise a desire in the customer, you need to arrange a message that will emphasize what the customer is going to get. A clear and concise message prompting about the benefit of the product will help the customers decide whether to go for the product or not.  

Use words like “I” and “My”

As mentioned before, your customers who will choose to participate in your referral program are going to provide you free marketing, and their referrals can gain more strength if words like “I” and “My” are used. 

If your referral message contains personal pronouns and your customers forward them to their friends, then they will have to get their future actions inclined with the referral message they have sent. Nobody would want to be a hypocrite, so their actions will be influenced by their previous statements, and by this, they will continue to promote your product for a more extended period. 

Let the Customers Know Their Next Step 

You must always include the next step to be taken by the customer in your referral message. You will find many massages where you don’t know what to do next, and this makes people ignore them. You need to let your customers understand clearly what is required next and what they should do. This will have a significant impact in getting new customers and is essential to increase your conversion rate. 

Be Patient

It is no doubt in the fact that you need to put in a lot of effort to make your referral program work. However, you must not expect to go viral over the night; you need to be patient.  

The referral program will help you grow, and there is a crucial role of your referral message in all this, but there is no guarantee that it will take your business to new heights. The referral program will do great if you already have a good business going, but if you are thinking to promote your newly built business, that would not be easy, regardless of how good your referral messaging is.  We also have different articles, make sure to checkout the viqid review.

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