How To Set Up a Referral Program On MoonClerk

Setting up an online business store to sell your product and services is always a dream project. You put your money and efforts into developing the best online store with an eye-catching theme and an enticing listing of products. But launching your store is only a start; the main challenge is to drive traffic to it and make sales. Sales and traffic are directly proportional; if you have more traffic, you will generate more sales. Now, if you have an online store with Moonclerk as your payment system, this article is just for you. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what Moonclerk is and how a referral program can help you get more traffic and eventually more sales.  

What is Moonclerk?  

Online business runs on online payments, and if you have an eCommerce store, then you need to have a payment system integrated to your website. There are many different payment systems available, and Moonclerk is one of them. In an eCommerce store, there is a need to provide facilities where users can make payments, send, and make subscriptions. Moonclerk allows you to add these functionalities furthermore make your business up and running. You can also design custom forms and include them on your website to easily insert their information and make purchases.  

Every store has its requirements, and personalized forms do the trick. You can create a form of whatever sort with colors, animation, and images of your liking, making your website look more attractive. You can even set up for recurring payments and initiate them weekly, monthly, or annually, making the payment process automated. In short, Moonclerk is a payment system that will cover all the things needed for processing payments from the customers. 

Can a Referral Program with MoonClerk Help Me Get More Sales? 

Yes, a referral program with MoonClerk will get you more sales. The reason is that a referral program is a kind of marketing technique that aims at increasing your customer base. Referring has always been playing its role in making brands a success. When a referral is made, word-of-mouth is generated, and more and more people know about a specific brand about which referral is made. So, a referral program will help you to discover new customers.   

It is natural to tell your friends and family about a particular product or service from whom you had a great experience. And when you disclose the brand of that product/service, the people to whom you are referring will automatically have a positive image of that brand. And if, in the future, they are also in need of such product/service, they will consider the brand referred to them. Plus, when a person wants to buy something, he will tend to believe the suggestions given to him by his friend or family.  

A referral program is a modern way of generating word-of-mouth. In a referral program, you ask your customers to become your advocate and refer your brand in exchange for discounts or gifts. This motivates customers to bring in new customers so that they can get those perks and rewards that are on the offer. And when you get more customers, you make more sales, and the person who received the prize on a referral is also likely to buy something from your store. So, a referral program will get you new customers and convert your existing customers into loyal and returning buyers. In both cases, you make more sales. 

Best Software to Use for My Referral Program with MoonClerk 

By now, you know what a referral program is and how it helps a business grow its revenue. You have quite an idea of why having a referral program with MoonClerk is essential. If you want to launch a referral program for your online store, you need to know that there are many aspects required to cover to make it successful. Your business needs software that can help you curate a referral program, launch it online, and provide you will all the functions to manage it successfully. is one such software that has helped thousands of businesses worldwide by launching their referral programs and making them a hit. From launching the program to managing the referral codes, everything can be handled from its dashboard. It is easy to integrate OSIAffiliate with your website that has MoonClerk as its payment system. OSIAffiliate has a user-friendly interface, so you won’t have any trouble using it. Its fresh and simple design will make the process of managing your referral program even more exciting.  

Will a Referral Program with MoonClerk help me Get More Traffic? 

The answer to this question is yes. A referral program with MoonClerk will get you more traffic. You already know the purpose of a referral program; to get more customers. And when you get new customers, the traffic on your website will start increasing. When your existing customers promote a brand among their friends and family, they are more likely to visit your site to see what is on the offer. All these visitors are your potential customers, but even if they don’t make a purchase, the traffic on your website will go up. If you want to increase traffic to your website, launching a referral program with MoonClerk will do the trick. 

4 Advantages to Having a Referral Program with MoonClerk 

Here are the four main benefits of having a Referral Program with MoonClerk.  

  1. If you want to create brand awareness, the referral program will help you to do that. When your customers promote your brand, they are creating brand awareness of your online store among their friends and family.  
  2. Referral Program makes a positive image of your brand among the people. The reason is that when your existing customers refer your online store to the people they know, they are more likely to talk about positive things about your brand.  
  3. A Referral program converts your buyers into loyal and returning customers.  
  4. It helps you to track your loyal customers and have an insight on what they expect from you. In this way, you can give them a more personalized experience and achieve higher customer retention. 

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