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How Uber Used Referral Marketing To Expand to 50+ Countries

Uber is the largest ride sharing service in the world and the way it got there is by offering a service that everyone needed. We all like the idea of not spending a lot of money on taxis. So when there was an opportunity for people to spend less on taxis, Uber went on it and they created a massive, downright impressive service that’s now used in more than 50 Read More >>

How to Create a Referral Website

What Is a Referral Website? A referral website involves is a blog or site that uses referral marketing tactics. The site only makes money if the person that your supporters refer them to makes a purchase. As a result, the referrer makes money as well. This is a good way to build a more organic approach to things, because it comes from a personal perspective. Why Have a Referral Website? Read More >>

Best Recurring Referral Programs in 2019

Affiliate marketing is a great way for freelancers and entrepreneurs to earn a steady income stream. Because most affiliate programs are made up of established products or services, most of your efforts have to be dedicated towards the promotion of the products more than any other area. These programs pay you an affiliate commission every month, sometimes annually as long as your referral is active with them. Some of the Read More >>

Word Of Mouth Ultimate Guide – Updated 2019

Word-of-mouth is important to retailers, business owners and marketing professionals for a number of reasons. The most important reason is that customers trust word-of-mouth more than any other form of marketing. In a 2012 global survey by Nielsen, results showed that 92% of consumers make buying decisions based on recommendations from their friends. This compared to 70% of people who trust online consumer opinions and 58% trust level for editorials. Read More >>

How To Setup A Recurring Referral Program

Steps to Create a Recurring Commission Program It takes time to develop a quality business online. When thinking of a brand, there’s a lot that goes into it, such as the name, design, traffic, and generally how you’ll keep that momentum going long enough to create some stable sales. Think of how you’ll build an income to keep your store afloat. One option to take is by developing a recurring Read More >>

Best Graphical Assets For Referral Program

Today’s customers are visual. Some customers buy a product just because it looks good on photo. This is the reason why visual brands like Ikea are able to make tons of sales. It is ‘how it looks’ that counts. This is the reason why graphical assets are indispensable in marketing. Even if you are promoting a referral program, you’ll need some graphics not only to capture your prospects’ attention but Read More >>

Create And Start Recurring Referral Program

Recurring commissions would be used when you are charging your customers a recurring fee, this could be used if you are offering services, subscription plans, memberships and the like which means you are billing your customers on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis and you also want to give your affiliates commissions everytime you bill your customers. For example, your affiliate brought in a customer who subscribed to your monthly plan and stayed Read More >>

How To Successfully Promote Your Referral Program

Referral programs are known to be the next big thing to acquire customers. A lot of people are investing into referral marketing because it has been proven to be the most effective marketing strategy that won’t even cause you so much. It focuses on the way and the means that you already have to make your brand have more meaning and grow it at the same time. Because most people Read More >>

Word Of Mouth Facts And Statistics To Use In 2019

Recommendations 58 percent of the consumers have positive experiences and they also seek experiences that are positive from their family and friends as they talk about brands they are interested in on social media(SDL) 77 percent of the consumers are interested in buying new products when they learn about it from their family and friends. (Nielsen) 84 percent of the consumers completely trust the recommendations they get from their family Read More >>

Referral Marketing Fact And Statistics For 2019

People would always talk about experiences that are good. Whenever people experience something good it’s in our nature to brag about it. And that bragging feeling is a good way to promote your business through word of mouth. People who successfully use referral marketing really reap the benefits. Why not? It’s definitely cost effective compared to other forms of advertisements, but it also reaches more people than you think. What Read More >>

How To Find The Best Brand Advocates – Updated 2019

What’s the quickest way to build a brand? If one person refers your brand to another and that person also does the same, can you imagine how quickly your brand can grow? Brand referrers are usually considered as loyal users of your products and services. After all, they will not refer your brand to another person unless they have a compelling reason to do that. And it doesn’t mean that you Read More >>