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How Does Social Media Drive Word of Mouth Marketing

What Is Word of Mouth Marketing?Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing because people tend to pay more attention to the suggestions given by their friends and relatives than any other source. Anything time you tell your friends or relatives about any good product or service, you are basically promoting that product/service by word of mouth. Suggesting good things to the people we know comes naturally. It must Read More >>

12 Mobile Referral Program Examples and Why They Rock

There you go guys, this is the complete list of examples that could be useful for you at the moment.  This is a generation of smartphones. On average, an individual spends at least 5 hours a day using a smartphone and other smart screens. This means that the world is traveling more towards smartphone technology and so are the businesses and even news. You might have noticed that even on news Read More >>

16 Best Referral Call To Action Slogans For More Sales

Currently, word of mouth influences purchasing decisions between 20% and 50%, which makes it the main factor when buying. In fact, the revenue from referred clients are at least 16% higher. Such a figure could become wasted income if the referral program does not convert. Therefore, you will need a Call to Action that specifies to let them attract more people/referral. This article will show you how to make a good referral Read More >>

Why Use Brand Ambassadors

If you know that your company does something incredible but fails to promote your message. Then, you want it to reach the ears of many more people, we have the answer. You need a brand ambassador. Sometimes marketing strategies are lacking something and branding needs a spark, this is when we welcome our brand ambassador. It’s time to give that extraordinary thing to someone extraordinary. In this article we will Read More >>

How to Start Word of Mouth Marketing

Mouth-to-mouth marketing (WOM) is a technique that consists of taking advantage of the most powerful channel to publicize the benefits of a brand: conversations between people. It is the strategy, or the set of these, with which the aim is to make the audience talk about a company, about its products, about its services, about its qualities or any point of interest. On paper, it’s a pretty interesting concept, and Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know to Create FAQ Sections for Your Referral Program

Referral programs reinforce the existing word of mouth that your store already received from customers and fans. Since referral programs depend on existing satisfied customers or advocates who are expanding your reach, there is not one magic formula that can predict whether a referral program for your store will succeed. For entrepreneurs who are seriously considering a referral program, you should set up an FAQ sections so that your users Read More >>

30 Best Ways To Attract Referrals

How can I get referrals? I am sure that many times you have asked yourself that question. Surely, if you have tried it already, you will have noticed that sometimes it is not as easy as it seems. Having the best affiliate software is not always the answer to getting good referrals but once you get those having the best affiliate software would definitely help you gain more. You will Read More >>

Lessons Learn From Amazon Prime’s Referral Program

Amazon is already gracing the top as the number one shopping app in the world. But from its recent activities, it is evident that the company is yet to be satisfied. To incentivize more customers to download the Amazon mobile app, the company is rolling out a referral program that allows new mobile app users to earn $10. Current app users, on the other hand, can earn $5 from sharing Read More >>

How to build a customer referral program?

If you want to create a great business and grow it unlike never before, the best thing that you can do is to start your own customer referral program. After all, customers are the best when it comes to promoting your business and they really place a lot of work and commit to the idea of helping you as much as possible. To make sure that you have the best fit Read More >>

How to Drive Traffic to a Shopify Store?

Launching a new business on Shopify sounds like a great idea but getting this business to run properly is completely another story. At first, you may be excited about all the sales and great reviews that will come pouring in, but reaching that stage is not that easy. But don’t lose trust, make things happen faster by finding the best shopify apps to help your store grow and reach your goals Read More >>

Dropbox Referral Program Success Strategies

By only sending an invitation message to your friend and following simple steps, it would earn both of you bonuses. In the recent referral program by Dropbox, the company boosted its value up to ten billion dollars. Dropbox has been rated the best company when it comes to the referral program and has used its existing users to increase the number of users. HERE ARE SOME FACTS ABOUT DROPBOX REFERRAL Read More >>

Referral Tracking – Why You Need It and How It Boosts Referral Marketing Performance

Referral marketing is the most effective marketing. But many providers still consider this type of marketing as a stroke of luck. Little did they know they could get the best affiliate training online to learn the secret to a successful referral marketing program. In this article, we are going to show you why you need to track your referrals and other tips to improve your marketing performance of your referral. Referral Read More >>