Why Use Brand Ambassadors

If you know that your company does something incredible but fails to promote your message. Then, you want it to reach the ears of many more people, we have the answer. You need a brand ambassador.

Sometimes marketing strategies are lacking something and branding needs a spark, this is when we welcome our brand ambassador.

It’s time to give that extraordinary thing to someone extraordinary.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about it and how to get it. So keep reading!

What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is the human representation of a brand. It is someone relevant and is the embodiment of what the company wants to convey to its target audience. Not only quality, but also the reputation and reputation of a company are decisively responsible for the success.

It is not enough for companies to present themselves in the best possible way, but it needs credible and authentic brand ambassadors. These differ at best from the insane number of influencers, who praise each product and company for a corresponding payment. Brand ambassadors are credible advocates who really stand behind what they say – and so spread the good name.

We’ll explain who exactly a brand ambassador is, what good reasons companies have for using them and how companies can take advantage of brand ambassadors for themselves 

What does this person do for companies?

It manages to bring the products, services and values of the company closer to the consumer, attracting its attention through spots, publications or in offline promotional actions. In order to make contact with the target audience, the ambassador shows the best profile of the company through images and videos, either in the corporate blog and / or with content in the company’s own social profiles and the brand, when the Represents at fairs and events.

Something that is very common among brand ambassadors is to show themselves using the company’s product or service in their publications, stating that they believe in the brand and what it represents, managing to convert and build loyalty to a greater number of people. 

Advantages of having a brand ambassador:

For companies, the advantages of brand ambassadors are obvious. The reputation is improved, the awareness increases, the ambassadors make credible and thus, which extends the customer base and so on. However, it is difficult to find out how brand ambassadors can.

Of course, there is the opportunity to pay for such services and to employ a brand ambassador who makes a targeted effort to achieve the desired effects – but this does not promise much success, since the very special thing about real brand ambassadors is the fact that they are. Although they pass on messages and convey positive impressions, they do not act as a direct mouthpiece for a company, but act on their own initiative.

Brand ambassadors are paid, it is just a modified form of advertising, a new marketing channel, which is controlled by the company. However, brand ambassadors can also be won in a different way, whereby the strategies for employees and customers must be chosen accordingly.

The other advantages your brand ambassador can deliver are:

  • Stands out your company from the competition, because they associate a distinguished face with your brand;
  • Makes your company’s advertising more attractive and appealing;
  • Achieve greater trust from users, as someone known and admired recommends your products or services;
  • Increase your brand awareness;
  • Develop and maintain the positive image of the company;
  • Improve the branding of who they represent;
  • Attract more leads target audience of the company, resulting in a greater amount of sales

What types of brand ambassadors that exist?

These ambassadors can be internal or external to the company: its employees, its satisfied customers, connoisseurs of the company or people known to your target audience. Brand ambassadors are people who have a great impact on the perception of a company, a product and, as the name implies, a brand. By contrast, brand ambassadors act as promoter in everyday life.

They tell other people about their positive experiences and their enthusiasm for a brand to friends, colleagues, acquaintances or social media. Thus, they not only increase awareness, but also greatly enhance the reputation of products or services. More and more companies recognize the value of brand ambassadors and try to use them specifically.

It is not necessarily about paying someone for the work and tasks of a brand ambassador. There is a risk here that the credibility is lost. Rather, incentives and strategies are to be developed to turn employees or customers into brand ambassadors of their own accord.

Internal Brand Ambassadors

Any employee can be a brand promoter. They will comment, on their own initiative, something positive about the company where they work, the products, services and / or news to people close to him. This will cause intrigue and desire of the brand. Then, it generates trust to your brand among its close people.

However, the internal ambassadors are mainly people who not only know the brand perfectly and have worked with or in it, but also who are influential for its target audience.

To explain it better we will give you two examples:

Carles Puyol, former Spanish footballer and former captain of the national team, winner of the 2010 World Cup, is now ambassador for La Liga, the first professional football division in his country. Who better than him to represent this institution?

Second example and not least, Steve Jobs, who is he? The CEO and founder of Apple Inc. He is also an ambassador for his brand. Brand ambassador is the one who has authority and power.

External Brand Ambassadors

Unlike the employees who work for the company, there are external brand promoters. They also talk about the brand and products you offer for having obtained the product or service and feel satisfaction with the purchase. This causes them to tell their family and friends about the product, influencing the decision to obtain it.

However, these promoters will only reach a small group of people who may not be your target audience or are a tiny part of it. Therefore, an external brand ambassador is usually a well-known person. He is someone who does not work in your company but personifies your brand and that your target audience admires.

An example to explain it better is to think about “Dior”. This company conveys class and elegance. Therefore, they needed someone to inspire the same and more. Finally, they hired Charlize Theron, and what a choice! A woman always leaves the looks whenever Dior wants to convey with their products.

To make your customers as a brand ambassador, you need to consider these two things in advance: the quality and customer orientation. If customers are truly and sustainably convinced and enthusiastic about the services offered, they will almost automatically become brand ambassadors, at least in their private environment. They will report on their positive experiences and recommend the product to others.

It also helps to make it as easy as possible for customers to become brand ambassadors. For example, opportunities can be offered to recommend your own products directly online or to leave comments on the company’s platforms for a certain rewards.

How to get brand ambassadors?

To find the perfect brand ambassadors for your brand, it is necessary to follow the following guidelines:

  • the most appropriate person must be identified and will be the one with the same ethical values ??in professional, personal and corporate as your company;
  • it is necessary to let them know the brand, what it does and what it is, try to expand their loyalty and motivate them to get involved with the project;
  • their followers must be close to or the same as your target audience, so that they can influence them and generate benefits for you;
  • Since it will be responsible for transmitting the messages and being the personification of the brand, it must convey confidence and credibility;
  • In addition, you must create a connection with internal promoters, employees, employees and all those who work with the company;

Finally, along the path of the strategy, it is important to motivate brand ambassadors to continue their work and convey. It can be with words, actions and deeds, that they believe in what they do and what your brand is.

What characteristics should a brand ambassador have?

If you are thinking that it is time to inquire a brand ambassador, it is time for you to know the following characteristics that you should consider:

Basic Marketing Knowledge

It is essential that you know the basics. As a result, you can understand what you are doing, what the purpose is, and the importance of your brand ambassador to the company to generate more sales.

Attractive personality

The chosen one must have a good reputation, be communicative, outgoing, proactive and convey a positive image.

Natural leadership

It is necessary that he is an influential person and has followers willing to listen to him. He should possess a capacity for blended attraction that when he speaks, he is heard.

A high level of professionalism

It must have high levels of morals, ethics and values. In addition to being able to competently answer questions and technical questions about your maca, which means that it must be committed to your brand.

Presence in social networks

Not only do you need to have an abundant audience on social platforms. You should also have a type of followers committed to your profile that matches your target audience.

This way you can reach a greater number of potential customers and increase sales.

Ease in creating interpersonal relationships

The ambassadors are not common sellers and their job is not to sell the product, it is to create strong and loyal relationships on the part of the company’s customers.

The ambassador needs to have tact to treat the target audience. You must be able to establish deep connections with them on behalf of the brand.

Maximizing the benefit of brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors should not be considered as a kind of self-runner. Although effects can be observed by companies without major measures after brand ambassadors have been won, the effects can be reinforced if brands make the necessary effort and follow some tips:

Develop a strategy

The first step for companies should be to develop a clear strategy for brand ambassadors. The important questions are: 

  • What measures should brand ambassadors be attracted to? 
  • Which goals should be pursued in the long term? 
  • How can employees become brand ambassadors? 
  • Which changes are necessary? 

The procedure should not be left as is. Therefore, you should clearly define all aspects as part of the marketing strategy.

Identify and motivate brand ambassadors

Many brand ambassadors are invisible to companies. For example, positive reports are made in the private circle of friends. However, many customers share their opinions online – through reviews, reviews or social media channels.

Here, brand ambassadors should be identified to further motivate them. This can be quite simple by reinforcing the already existing positive image. Highlight posts that you like, say thank you for your positive comments or experiences, and follow the posts of the brand ambassador.

You can go a step further by specifically rewarding brand ambassadors, for example with small giveaways or special offers for the most influencing one.

Combine it with more campaigns

Brand ambassadors are in the marketing area and should not be considered independently, but should be integrated into other strategies. For example, other measures and campaigns can be built on the positive effects of brand ambassadors. 

It can be employee interviews, for example, can be a way of putting employees on the scene even more intensively as ambassadors of the company. In combination with other marketing efforts, the true potential can be exploited and maximize the benefits of your marketing efforts

That’s it!

Partnering with a brand ambassador that has the aforementioned characteristics, and also that your employees and consumers speak well of your company will be enough to position you on your competitors.

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