How to Drive Traffic to a Shopify Store?

Launching a new business on Shopify sounds like a great idea but getting this business to run properly is completely another story. At first, you may be excited about all the sales and great reviews that will come pouring in, but reaching that stage is not that easy. But don’t lose trust, make things happen faster by finding the best shopify apps to help your store grow and reach your goals quicker.

Some of the best shopify apps would fit your business goals and help you reach it. Good thing there’s a lot of best shopify apps that can help you out. There are some rules, tips and techniques that can be considered when you start a new business on Shopify.

At times, you may feel lost about the sales that are dropping or customers who are not returning. Is it because of something you said or did? Is it because your items are not delivering high-quality performance? Or is it simply because you are not following the right strategies?

This article is going to enlighten you with 10 important ways that will help you in driving potential traffic to your Shopify store.

1. Start a Referral Program 

One of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your Shopify store is to start a referral program and for this purpose, Omnistar is your best option to consider. This program will not only help you in driving sales but also boost your accounts in a short period of time. Often beginners are confused about what they should do to have heavy sales and returning business and starting a referral program like Omnistar is your ticket to success.

You will feel more comfortable as all of the work will be handled by Omnistar including the growth of the business, driving sales and integrating. Omnistar is a reliable platform that will help you in expanding your business with potential customers and guaranteed returns. If you need your business to grow at a fast rate then you must consider using this referral program so that all your hurdles are swept out of the way.

The best thing about Omnistar is that they will help you connect with the big market which means, the bigger picture. You can never have enough customers and keeping a track of everything becomes challenging when you have a lot of things at hand and do something much more productive.

2. Use Search Engine Optimization for Generating Traffic

Another way to boost sales on your Shopify store is to use the method of search engine optimization. Lately, this method is being adopted by hundreds and thousands of businesses and that shows how effective this method really is. There are a few ways in which you can attract more traffic to your Shopify store either by finding the right keywords or using SEO techniques and methods.

What is it with Search Engine Optimization and keywords? Keywords are the terms used by people when they are searching for something on a Search Engine such as Google. Now, the process is not that complexed as it may sound.

All you have to do is run in-depth research on the right keywords that can be used in the content you are creating for your store. It is recommended to use keywords that are most related to your store and construct your content accordingly. Audience love spice and juicy articles so make sure that whatever you do, your content is filled with the right keywords and overall topics.

Keywords can be used in product descriptions, product titles, any other content and articles. Make sure to hire a competent writer who will cover everything.

3. Use Content Marketing for Attracting Customers 

Content marketing is a widely used method by not only Shopify store owners but also other businesses. Writing content does not only include product descriptions but sometimes you can also use other content like a paragraph at the end of a picture or something short and juicy. The point is, using the right technique will make your way easy.

All e-commerce companies are using this tactic to boost their sales. The reason why this technique is used so much by businesses worldwide is that once you know what the primary keyword is for each category, the whole process of content marketing will become much easier for you. When people search for something on Google they use short and accurate terms, these terms are the main keywords that you need to find and the rest is history.

The more you add content marketing to your plan, the more speed will increase to boost traffic to your Shopify store. That is not all, search engines have many rules and aspects that can be helpful such as the ranking of websites based on their performance. Quality content means more traffic and more clicks means more sales! Therefore, make sure to use this tactic all the time.

4. Be Your Own Promoter 

Another useful technique that will help in driving traffic to your Shopify store is to write guests posts for the websites that are in the same category of business as you. This is a very important Search Engine Optimized technique which is used widely by people from all over the world. At times it is not possible for people to request other blogs to feature them but what you can do is write short guest posts in blogs that you think are related to your market and can help you in driving more sales.

Once you recognize the right blogs and marketing techniques, the rest of the task will then be handled by the search engine you are operating with. It is a fair system with search engines as they rank the websites on top that have numerous links spread all across the internet. These websites are more likely to appear at the top of a page rather than those websites that have minimal links attached to them.

In this way, you can control the number of guest posts that link to your Shopify store and attract more sales from potential customers. Your business will become more recognized in the market.

5. Use Giveaways and Contests to Drive Excitement 

While most of these methods may seem long-term and complexed to most of you, there is always something less time consuming and easy and that includes the help of giveaways and contests. Managing a giveaway may not be light on credit but the results can be very effective and beneficial for your business. You may have seen huge makeup brands such as Huda Beauty, Too Faced etc. who are arranging a massive giveaway of makeup every now and then.

They may be providing their audience with expensive giveaways of around $500 value but what they get in return is more followers, more recognition and increased activity on the website, store or page. There are a few factors that can be considered. When you arrange a giveaway or traffic (it doesn’t have to be your own products you can use other products to attract an audience), people who are interested in your niche will respond immediately and participate in your giveaway.

They may not be sure of winning but they don’t let the chance pass them by. In return, your business will bloom even more giving you more recognition in the market. This is a great way to drive sales to your Shopify store.

6. Feature Influencers in Your Blog Posts 

Another effective way to drive more traffic to your Shopify store is to write a nice piece of a blog post that features well-known influencers who are related to your market. This will require a bit of research on your part. Make sure that you have gathered all the major influencers there are available in the market and create a masterpiece for your target audience.

The next step involves informing these influencers that you have written a feature for them. Although the response of all of them is not guaranteed some of them will surely respond and share your blog post with their potential audience. As these influencers have a lot of followers and audience, having your feature on their profile or on their blog will help you greatly in generating traffic to your Shopify store.

You can publish this blog post on your own social media accounts as well as ask your friends for help so that they can post it on their social media accounts as well. You never know when a highly potential influencer will recognize your talent and allow you a break to a successful future in Shopify business. This means more traffic and sales.

7. Use Paid Social Media Ad Campaigns 

In order to increase traffic on your Shopify store, purchase social media ads. Doing this will help you in focusing on the right social media accounts and on the right pages. There are many social media platforms that you can consider for purchasing ads such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and a lot more.

Internet is filled with pages and accounts that specialize in a certain category and contain a wide number of followers. Returns will be guaranteed because people are more likely to click on your ad when it is being displayed nicely on the page they like to visit the most. This process may be pricey but this price is much smaller than the returns you are going to get later on.

So it is recommended to take the chance and buy as many social media ads as you can so that your business can bloom overnight. Instagram is today in one of the most used and reliable platforms for purchasing ads and promoting your business. There are many high-end brands that often feature other brands on their page simply because that other brand offered them a good sum of money enough to cover for one post on their account.

8. Take the Help of Email Marketing 

In today’s world where likes, shares and comments define and describe the popularity of a certain business or individual, let’s not forget that it’s the emails that will get you to the other side of the picture. Business is not restricted to social media alone, it contains two types of audiences, ones who use social media platforms and other potential business owners who use the professional ways of business and marketing through emails.

You can simply launch campaigns of emails that target the potential customers, the ones you have experience with. You can start an email campaign that features all your important business contacts. These contacts are connected to the high-end market that can take you to the road of success in no time.

Launching an email campaign will help you in grabbing new customers, the customers who have purchased your services before and those customers who added your items in their cart but abandoned it later on.

9. Develop Video Content 

The latest techniques of driving more sales to Shopify store is developing video content. There are many huge pages and YouTube channels that are adopting this technique such as Tasty, Buzzfeed. The Insider and more who earn traffic just by posting featured videos on their social media accounts.

Once you master the art of creating the right video content for your audience, your message will become much easier to convey to the potential buyers. As a matter of fact, more than 67% marketers in the USA run Facebook video ads to spread the word about their business, you can think of Facebook as the number one social media channel that offers video content.

Videos on Facebook are more likely to attract customers at 135% than plain images.

10. Remain Consistent 

When you want to run a business on the Shopify store successfully then you must remain constant in your efforts. No business can bloom overnight if you are not giving 100%. Running a Shopify store is not just uploading items for sales and expecting visitors to come flowing in.

You have to make sure that you are following all of the tips and techniques that are mentioned above to help you in driving more sales to your Shopify Store. The businesses that post on social media regularly than the businesses that are not active are more likely to become successful.

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