How Does Social Media Drive Word of Mouth Marketing

What Is Word of Mouth Marketing?

Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing because people tend to pay more attention to the suggestions given by their friends and relatives than any other source. Anything time you tell your friends or relatives about any good product or service, you are basically promoting that product/service by word of mouth. Suggesting good things to the people we know comes naturally.

It must not be surprising to know that 82% of the happy and satisfied customers are ready to give referrals but in actual only 28% of the customers refer to products and services. Great marketing is about deliberately influencing, measuring and managing the referral process to maximize your sales. In this article, we will go through different ways to successfully increase your word-of-mouth marketing by using social media

How to Spread A Word of Mouth About Your Company?

One of the best ways to promote your brand is to get people to speak for your brand. Let see who can endorse your company.

Satisfied Customers

First of all, you need to provide your customers with a quality product/service in order to gain their trust. Then you need to wisely target the customers that can advocate your brand. You need them to talk about your product as if they were made for them. They should be confident while advocating your product and must have a sense of pride while using it. So, when they will tell others about your product, they must be able to influence them in a proper way.  


Influencers are one of the key players which will help you grow your business. All you have to do is target the right influencers for your desired audience. Once you are done selecting the influencers, now is the time to get them to speak for you. You can do this by paying them or sending them your products for free and they can give their hands-on reviews, which will gather the attention of their followers and a lot of traffic will be directed to your company.

People associated with your business

People associated with business like vendors, suppliers, service providers, etc. can also help to spread a positive WOM for your company. If you get them to write an article about your company that would be very positive for your growth. You can also collaborate with them by making joint podcasts and videos, it will be beneficial for you as well as for your business partners.

Word of Mouth and Social Media

Social media is one of the most valuable tools that brands can use and its continued growth in popularity means there’s never been an easier way for consumers and brands to get their thoughts out there. 

Social media today have released stats showing that 92% of us rely on the recommendations of our friends or any other form of advertising. They also revealed that 70% of online consumers trust the opinions of other consumers online rather than that of a business, so it's important to target the right people in the right place with the right message. It's important to understand what elements go towards making up a viral campaign. Start off by asking yourself some simple questions.

1. Who is sharing your content?

Is your content making its way to the right audience? If your content has quality and carries a message then there is a chance that people of influence might share it and you will experience a boost in your audience number.

2. What’s the most effective way of delivering to those people? 

Is it by using audio, written or visual medium of content?

3. When your audience is online?

With so many platforms to choose from, you can’t just rely on Facebook or Twitter to spread your message effectively. The rise of vine and Snapchat means that more people are opting to send their message out in short video clips.

Social media today identified that page views in social media are 94 percent higher when they contain images or visual element. While buffer revealed that YouTube reaches more US adults aged 18 to 34 than any of the cable networks. 

4. When will your content be shared?

You need to make sure that your message is time-specific. So, if you're writing about a popular event, make sure your content is published at a time when most people are going to be online. 

5. Why would anyone share your content?

Nobody would share any post that does not have a message or purpose. Make sure that your content has something to get people’s attention. This can be done by creating content that is relevant to the everyday life of people.

Now the question arises, is social media as effective as word of mouth? Well, social media is more effective than traditional WOM. The reason is that at social media you have a lot greater audience which you probably cannot have in real life.

Social Media Word-Of-Mouth Marketing for Small Businesses

You can use Social Media and WOM to make your small business grow. Let’s see some of the ways you can get customers to sway into your business.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Providing quality product/service is half the work to get returning buyers, the other half is done by giving quality customer service. The way you treat your customers have a great impact on making a fan base. You should treat your customers just the way you want yourself to be treated. Keep a friendly attitude, entertain their queries, connect with them and you will see yourself getting loyal customers. 

Offer Discount on Referrals

Once you have launched your referral program, you would want people to take part in it. And the best way to achieve this is by offering good promotions and bonuses on referrals. In this way, more people will be interested in referring to you and eventually, you will start having more customers.

User Testimonials

Nowadays, user testimonials play a vital role in getting new customers. If anyone is a new buyer, he would be interested to read what your previous customers have to say about you. Positive testimonials would definitely make his/her decision easy. This is WOM right there! provide quality service and in return get positive feedback. Plain and simple!

In Conclusion

In short, we have seen how word of mouth is effective for your business and how social media is helping to take WOM on a whole new level. In this world of technology, everything is at reach and there is a lot more to give to your business. It is now your turn to use social media and WOM for your business and see how they get along. After this article, checkout our article abou the viqid review.

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