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How To Choose Referral Incentives and Rewards

All businesses are unique in their own way, which is why what referral reward plan works for one business cannot be automatically transplanted to another with similar results. The essence of a referral program is to motivate customers to take advantage of products and services. It is therefore important to consider a lot of options when creating a referral program for a business. The choice of incentives and reward will Read More >>

Examples of Small Business Referral Programs

Examples of Small Business Referral Programs A referral plan for a small business is a great way to get people to spread the word about your product to other customers with a high chance of conversion. Referral programs work by incentivizing existing customers to share their word-of-mouth experience with others. New customers also get an incentive to commit to either a subscription or a purchase through a discount or any Read More >>

Referral Program Templates – Examples All The Best Ones To Get Started

When it comes to building a great referral program, remember that each one serves its purposes. For some people, they gravitate to a traditional email referral, because it captures their attention. Other people may enjoy the “in-the-moment” aspect of a pop-up screen on their mobile device. Additionally, a person may catch something while they’re Tweeting away at work, which would be right on time for a lunch special at a Read More >>

How did Uber manage to use its referral system to expand to 50+ countries?

Uber is the largest ride sharing service in the world and the way it got there is by offering a service that everyone needed. We all like the idea of not spending a lot of money on taxis. So when there was an opportunity for people to spend less on taxis, Uber went on it and they created a massive, downright impressive service that’s now used in more than 50 Read More >>

How to Create a Referral Website

What Is a Referral Website? A referral website involves is a blog or site that uses referral marketing tactics. The site only makes money if the person that your supporters refer them to makes a purchase. As a result, the referrer makes money as well. This is a good way to build a more organic approach to things, because it comes from a personal perspective. Why Have a Referral Website? Read More >>

Best Recurring Referral Programs

Affiliate marketing is a great way for freelancers and entrepreneurs to earn a steady income stream. Because most affiliate programs are made up of established products or services, most of your efforts have to be dedicated towards the promotion of the products more than any other area. These programs pay you an affiliate commission every month, sometimes annually as long as your referral is active with them. Recurring affiliate programs Read More >>

How to Setup a Recurring Referral Program

Steps to Create a Recurring Commission Program It takes time to develop a quality business online. When thinking of a brand, there’s a lot that goes into it, such as the name, design, traffic, and generally how you’ll keep that momentum going long enough to create some stable sales. Think of how you’ll build an income to keep your store afloat. One option to take is by developing a recurring Read More >>

Best Graphical Assets to Use to Promote your E-Commerce Referral Program

Today’s customers are visual. Some customers buy a product just because it looks good on photo. This is the reason why visual brands like Ikea are able to make tons of sales. It is ‘how it looks’ that counts. This is the reason why graphical assets are indispensable in marketing. Even if you are promoting a referral program, you’ll need some graphics not only to capture your prospects’ attention but Read More >>

How to Setup a Recurring Referral Program

Recurring commissions would be used when you are charging your customers a recurring fee, this could be used if you are offering services, subscription plans, memberships and the like which means you are billing your customers on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis and you also want to give your affiliates commissions everytime you bill your customers. For example, your affiliate brought in a customer who subscribed to your monthly plan and stayed Read More >>

Why Referral Marketing is Perfect for Your eCommerce Business

Referral Marketing Is Designed For eCommerce Businesses What else would be better than having someone personally recommend your business to people that they know? Recommendations are the top influencers to people that are deciding about purchasing, and when people recommend you and add in personal words to it then you sure would get more customers. But you have to give your customers a great experience in order for them to Read More >>

How to Choose the Right Referral Incentives for Your Program

What is the right referral incentive for your program? Should you give away a discount code, some cash or just give away some products that are valuable to your customers? Well, that will depend on a lot of different things. First, you should consider your customers. Think about what your customers want. Do they like to earn money? If yes, should you give it as cash or as a discount? Read More >>

How to Get More Facebook Followers for Your Store

Benefits of Bringing your eCommerce store to Facebook Is it a good idea to attach your business to a Social Network? A lot of people and even expert eCommerce marketers say Facebook is dying, especially for marketers. From all the benefits I could get from Facebook, I disagree that it’s dying. As a business, it’s a very smart idea to set a camp on Facebook. To prove my point, here Read More >>