How Hair Salons Can Set Up a Successful Referral Program

When it comes to any service business, it’s important to think of how to be creative in marketing. There are different outlets like social media and streaming can truly make the brand more visible. For something like a hair profession, word of mouth and reputation prove powerful for long-term stability and growth.

It’s all about making sure a person’s appearance is in tip top shape. Even setting up a referral program these days, can help people make a more successful career out of this profession. Here are some tips to run a good referral program as a hairdresser.

How Can a Hair Salon Benefit From a Referral Program

Seeing as a hairdresser survives off word of mouth, a referral program is the perfect addition. While people are able to talk others into going somewhere, it’s better to have a walking advertisement. Maybe someone can have a special card that allows them a priority booking appointment.

Time is money, so a special code would work well to know that someone referred them to the shop. A referral program can be helpful in taking that prospective customer into a regular who goes back for cuts, colors, and touch ups once or twice every couple of months. It’ll help them get more organized and keep a good know of their more faithful customers.

While it’s great to have new people in the salon, it’s always better to have customers who come in regularly that can convince someone else to be a stable client. That’s why it’s very important to have the right program implemented for better growth. Next, we’ll show how a hairdresser can use OSI Affiliate Software.

How a Hairdresser Can Benefit By Using OSI Affiliate Software

Nine times out of ten, a hairdresser may not have true experience created a more online approach to their business. It’s a more hand-to-hand and word-of-mouth type of experience. This brick and mortar approach still works, but having an online presence can help greatly.

OSI Affiliate Software can help make this transition easier, especially if the hairdresser decides to create a nice website with a referral program to boot. Some people may prefer to book their appointments online. OSI Affiliate can be there for the following:

Social Share Widget

Hairdressers can build brand awareness by allowing their customers or their hair technicians on the job to share their experience through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media.

Auto Sign-Up

This is a much easier way to sign customers up to be a brand advocate rather than a transaction. It helps build a long-term business relationship that benefits both sides.

Feedback Survey

This is very important, because this helps someone’s business long-term. The feedback can show what improvements needs to be made and also the things that truly work. Use this as valuable information for longevity in the business.

Here are a couple of strategies that can be employed.

Strategies Hairdressers Can Use to Get Referrers

It’s all about being creative and providing value. For some people, they may have a great social media following. They post different haircuts and styles which gets a lot of views.

There could be a contest where a hairdresser is promoting a product or service, and someone is getting them to follow their Instagram. The new people following the hairdresser can send a tag or something to the profile that referred them to it. At the end of the period, the hairdresser can give them a personal shoutout and maybe a small prize that will allow the person from the profile to amplify their business.

This can be a great contest to show brand loyalty.

Also, email marketing could be a great thing. Maybe by referrer promoting people to their site, they can get a nice discount on a cut just through supporting. Everyone likes a cool discount, and this is a nice way to meet up in person to build a sound relationship.

It combines the two worlds of referral marketing online and the brick and mortar. This is a good tactic to see if there’s a chance to take it to another level for both the referrer and the person behind the brand. A hairdresser can also be creative with the way they give rewards.

Rewards Hairdressers Can Offer to Users That Refer Their Shop

Without referral marketing, it’s hard for a service business, like hairdressing to stay afloat. A hairdresser can reward their customers with a number of things. First of all, a free cut is always something that people appreciate.

A referrer can take time and enjoy an evening out and get their hair done before the weekend truly starts. It makes them feel refreshed and renewed. Another good reward would have a special salon bag with free hair care and skin care products.

This is something that can last for months, so there’s high value. It’ll be a nice way for the referrer to feel appreciated. Also, it’s good marketing for the hairdresser, because the person can shout out the experience via social media.

It’s a win-win situation.

Something else that would be nice for the referrer to have are two free tickets to a hair show. They’ll not only get to see some people do great things with hair, but it’s good networking. They can meet some influential people who may actually have a need for someone in different types of fields.

Also, they can enjoy different things from hair care samples, parties, informational panels, and other things that encompass the event. This can be a nice and fun time to explore something a bit different. Whether it’s ecommerce or being a hairdresser, referral marketing can certainly help bridge the gap between a business owner and loyal supporters.

By having the everyday person co-sign a brand, it’s more effective than a simple ad trying to force someone to the business. Creating a referral program can help even the smallest business be competitive with the giants out there by carving a niche market that’s perfect for their target audience. What are some strategies you use for your own referral program?

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