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Referral Tracking – Why You Need It and How It Boosts Referral Marketing Performance

Referral marketing is the most effective marketing. But many providers still consider this type of marketing as a stroke of luck. Little did they know they could get the best affiliate training online to learn the secret to a successful referral marketing program. In this article, we are going to show you why you need to track your referrals and other tips to improve your marketing performance of your referral Read More >>

Word Of Mouth Ultimate Guide – Updated 2019

Word-of-mouth is important to retailers, business owners and marketing professionals for a number of reasons. The most important reason is that customers trust word-of-mouth more than any other form of marketing. In a 2012 global survey by Nielsen, results showed that 92% of consumers make buying decisions based on recommendations from their friends. This compared to 70% of people who trust online consumer opinions and 58% trust level for editorials. Read More >>

Referral Marketing Fact And Statistics For 2019

People would always talk about experiences that are good. Whenever people experience something good it’s in our nature to brag about it. And that bragging feeling is a good way to promote your business through word of mouth. People who successfully use referral marketing really reap the benefits. Why not? It’s definitely cost effective compared to other forms of advertisements, but it also reaches more people than you think. What Read More >>

How To Setup And Manage A Referral Program

If you are planning to launch a referral marketing campaign in your website, you’ll need referral software. These softwares takes the grunt work away from having a referral campaign. Instead of having you manually list all of your affiliates and reward them for every referral they bring (like what most multi-level marketers do), you get to sign up affiliates, give them a referral ID and reward them on auto. How Read More >>

What Are Referral Solgans? And How To Use Them

Catchphrases that you use in order to attract more customers to refer their friends to your business are called referral slogans. You can use them in a lot of different ways like in your referral software marketing email, website, referral emails, and other features in your referral software where you ask your customers for a referral.Example of Referral Slogans An opportunity with a purpose. Invite a friend for a chance Read More >>

Best Airline Affiliate Programs To Join in 2019

The growth of airline travels in these past years is very undeniable, and one factor that have helped in that growth is the internet. Today, booking flights could be done from a smartphone, tablet, and laptops. Tickets and boarding passes could even be printed wherever a printer is accessible, like at home. As travelling through planes become easier and more accessible, the popularity of airline affiliate programs have too. Airline Read More >>

Best Fashion Customer Referral Program – Updated 2019

When we speak of fashion, we can already picture how well referral marketing would work for it. If you come to think of it, fashion is really designed to be shown off, and every time you create a new look it’s always asking to be noticed.  Just think about the last eye catching outfit you’ve worn and think about how many persons asked you “Where’d you get that?”, every day Read More >>