Why Is Referral Marketing Important – Updated 2019

Referral marketing can help a business go from A-Z in a matter of months. There’s something great about catering to a core audience and knowing how they will help you create a better platform to grow your sales. At the end of the day, you want to be relatable to a particular cause from a product or service standpoint. One of the best ways to do this is by setting a referral system with a group you know will support your cause. Here are a few reasons why this is important.

Increases Your Demographic
If you have a great product but don’t have the presence yet, a good referral program is key to that expansion. A person from your team has the power to send you into another demographic. This means you can explore untapped territory which gets you to be a bit more creative with your product line. When you’re able to find out what a 35 year old enjoys compared to someone who’s 25, this helps you develop better market segmentation. This is a valuable asset for your longevity. It’s a key thing to sustain and continue to grow where others may falter.

Sparks Interest
When you set up a referral program, that shows initial interest from people who like a specific niche. Let’s say you sell vegan cookies. Maybe there are people that can’t eat things with gluten. This is a problem that you solve for people sensitive to regular flour-based cookies. When they get on board, you’re doing them a service because now they’ll consume healthier. Also, it gives more health conscious people options instead of eating cookies that might inflame the body, there’s a better version out that doesn’t bloat you as much. This is valuable because many people want to eat cookies but simply can’t due to the typical ingredients.

Rewards the Supporters
People don’t just want to work with you and not receive some kind of compensation. They want to get recognized for their work. A good referral program has a reward system in place so that you can properly give your supports their just due. Also, you can set up different contests as a bonus. Not only does this give your referral team more incentive, but you actually find out who’s willing to go the extra mile. That’s when you can see what kind of people deserve the icing on the cake.

Finding the Trends Through Social Media
Interaction is an important aspect of business. You can have great content but that doesn’t mean you connect with an audience. Being in touch with what’s hot helps you develop your own content. There’s a certain dialogue there that fills in the gaps. While it’s important to stay connected, use it as a tool to keep content fresh as you maintain your identity. You can get creative with social campaigns and build a more viral following.

Those are just a few reasons why referral marketing becomes an integral part of your business. What referral marketing tactics are important for your business? Leave a suggestion below.

2 Response to "Why Is Referral Marketing Important – Updated 2019"

  1. Comment From Jose Venzor

    Referral marketing is important to me because it is very cost effective. It is like having an outsourced sales force that you are not paying a salary to.

  2. Comment From Vince Gill

    From referrals it really does Increases Your Demographic because you will get sales from people that you had never thought about marketing to.

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