Micro Or Macro Influencers – Which Is Best For Your Brand

Do you want a successful business? It’s undoubtedly not a piece of cake. It requires all the tricks and hacks that one can think of or that are needed for the market.

Are you feeling difficulties in selling or advertising your product? Are you still using outdated methods to entertain this purpose? Now is the time you turn your eyes with a complete focus on the digital marketing industry. For this, there are many numbers of digital marketing institutes that enable you to master trending marketing skills and help you chase your dream of running a successful business.

When we talk about digital marketing, we are bound to talk about digital influencers. These influencers can help you in creating an impact of your product on the market of people you are specifically targeting.

These influencers are inspiring experts in their respective fields, and people look upon them for motivation.

People follow them for what they do, and these followers can be called their diehard fans. The influencers can use this particular position, surrounded by their followers to urge people towards your business or product. We have divided these influencers into two main groups based on their engagement, passion, affordability, risk factors, availability, and much more.

This article is targeting a comparison between these two groups, which are named as micro-influencers and macro-influencers, respectively. Let’s have a detailed analysis of these two main classes of influencers.


Micro-influencers are generally social media stars with followers ranging between 1000 and 100000. They are mostly experienced in one or two fields only. The areas could be photography, travel blogging, writing, content creators, fitness experts, fashion gurus, and much more.

The primary specialty these influencers hold is that their followers are extremely impressed by them for what they do. They are pretty engaged in their fields, and followers feel comfortable in looking upon them in daily lives because they are just like ordinary people. The followers find it easy to interact with them because they find them trustworthy, credible, and believable.

Micro-influencers often engage with their followers. In this way, they remain an active audience which is a plus point in favor of micro-influencers because in this way they can promote the product or business quite confidently among their followers. Now we shall discuss some of the positives as well as the negatives associated with micro-influencers.


  • Authenticity
  • Affordability
  • Ease of Availability
  • Natural Publicity


Authenticity plays one of the most critical roles as far as influencer marketing is concerned. If the followers feel that the person, they are following is authentic and credible, then they will almost continue following them blindly. This relation between micro-influencers and their followers is a special one that enables the audience to be a part of an engaged community.

The brands can cash into this sincere engagement and use it for their success.

The engagement ratio depends on how often and how actively the audience is engaged with their content. As for social media, this engagement depends on the number of likes and comments.

But it is seen that the engagement rate decreases as the number of followers increase.


Micro-influencers generally don’t have high price tags associated with them. They are not that many big stars as yet. They are just social media celebrities that can be afforded by almost all brand companies quite easily.

This adds to the advantage of using multi micro-influencers at the same price that would bring one macro influencer. The higher the number of influencers, the greater shall be the overall followers and hence better for the product promotion.

Ease of Availability

Micro-Influencers, as indicated by the name, are lower-level influencers who are easily approachable or comparatively easier to get in touch with as compared to macro-influencers. They can even attend the promotion events, which could help create a positive impact.

Natural Publicity

Micro-influencers usually share their daily life routines with their followers. The brands can make use of this particular trait as the influencers can promote their products in a more contextualized way. Micro-influencers are ordinary people like us, and the audience can find it helpful.


  • Lower Reach
  • Less Professionalism
  • Suitable Candidate
  • Risk of Fake Followers

Lower Reach

Since they have a lower number of followers, automatically they will have less impact during the promotion as they could only reach out to a limited group of people. More prominent brands who are looking for a large people group might not feel this category of influencers much impressive.

Less Professionalism

As they are not professionals, only experts in their relevant fields so it could be difficult for them to promote the business in the right way. They might not be able to send the exact message the brands require from them. And it could take a long time to train them for some specific promotion.

Suitable Candidate

The expertise of the micro-influencers is quite limited, so it can be a time taking and lengthy process to find a suitable influencer for a proper job. Moreover, they are available in a more significant number, and it could be challenging to choose the best from them.

Risk of Fake Followers

The trend of having fake and paid followers is pretty common on social media. It is almost impossible to differentiate between original and fake followers. These micro-influencers try to get fake followers for several reasons.

The main reason could be the thirst for fame. This fame might take them to bigger things in the future. But such influencers have a lower engagement rate. Hence it affects the overall ratings of the brand.

Macro Influencers

Celebrities. Yes, these are the celebrities we daily see on televisions and the internet. They may be social media stars, but their follower domain is much greater as compared to micro-influencers.

They are usually the fashion icons and TV stars, but they can be equally handy for promotions of any kind as the audience toll is crossing millions. People see them as trendsetters. Whatever they wear, whatever they eat, whatever they do, people try to follow them blindly.

They are a type of fashion symbol. They can be utilized for the publicity and promotions of the products and can be helpful in a greater manner. One specialty of macro-influencers is that a single such influencer can handle various projects related to totally different domains quite successfully as they are the professionals.

It’s nothing new for them.

But as every picture has two sides, macro-influencers also have a positive and a negative side. A thorough analysis of the pros and cons is discussed in the passage below.


  • Larger Audience
  • Reduced Risks
  • Increased Reach
  • Ease of Selection
  • Greater Control

Larger Audience

We all know how celebrities are creating a more significant impact on our daily lives. They have followers in billions and billions, and one promotion done by them can certainly change the fortunes of any company. They have diverse, and multiple effects in this marketing industry as a lot of different promotions can be done quite correctly by the experts.

According to a survey, the macro-influencers generally have 22 times greater impact as compared to the micro-influencers. Hence the brands and business companies can deliver their message to a much larger audience by just hiring a single macro influencer.

Reduced Risks

The hiring of a macro influencer can surely reduce certain risks like the danger of fake followers and the risk of having a nonprofessional person. Their followers are quite real, and regular people like each one of us. The popularity is genuine.

The professionalism is real. The expertise is pro level. What else do you need?

Increased Reach

As already mentioned above, there is a 22 times greater audience for macro-influencers as compared to the other counterpart. Their followers comprise every age group, every sex, and every kind of personality. In short, diversity is seen in the audience.

The greater the audience, the greater can be the engagement and hence, a greater positive impact on brand promotion. Macro influencers can persuade people of every school of thought with just one commercial or a social media post. They are highly helpful in this regard.

Ease of Selection

The celebrities can be equally useful for a large variety of products. The time required for the selection of candidates as in the case of micro-influencers can be saved. The search for the perfect candidate is quite shorter and more manageable in this case.

Since one macro influencer is equal to several micro-influencers, this also saves time spent on other essential contract negotiations and other requirements.

Greater Control

As the engagements are highly paid, in most cases, the companies have complete control over the promotion matters. The influencer does what he is being told. The brands have supreme control over the messages and social media posts being done about their products.


  • Less Interactive
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to Approach
  • Multiple Use

Less Interactive

Macro influencers are the celebrities of a high standard, unlike ordinary people. They are true stars in the real sense of the word. These are usually less interactive with the audience, and it is difficult for a common person to approach them.

The influencers and the audience might end up on different pages at times. A large number of viewers do not find it impressive that a big celebrity is advising them to use a certain product. They are not sure that even the influencers use the product themselves or not.

This feeling of uncertainty might affect overall performance.


It should be quite obvious up till now that hiring the macro-influencers is a much costly process as compared to the cost range of micro-influencers. A large number of micro-influencers can be used in place of a single macro influencer. The larger the name of the celebrity, the larger would be their hiring charges.

Most large brands can afford such celebrities, but still, it can be considered as one major drawback.

Difficult to Approach

Most of the celebrities do not perform direct dealings with the client companies. Instead, they use their managers for such functions. The manager does all the negotiations of the contract.

It can be problematic sometimes, as the managers put forward some personnel requests. Moreover, it might be possible that they do not allow their bosses to work with you if you fail in satisfying the managers initially.

Multiple Use

The advantage we discussed in the pros section that they could be used for promotions of various types of products. This thing can backfire in some cases if the influencer is being selected for a totally irrelevant job where no connection can be seen between the product and the presenter.


Concluding any topic is not the easiest of the tasks as it demands a final decision. To complete this article, we would say that both the types were attractive in their ways and were risky at some points too. You must make the decision based on all the related factors that are discussed in detail in the passage above.

The best technique would be to look for the requirements your company is looking for. Firstly, try to be well aware of your brand ambitions and then look for the perfect candidate based on your budget, engagement ratios, and credibility.

Social media monitoring tools may help you in selecting the perfect candidate for you.

It is generally observed that the new and unknown but larger brands who are yet to make a mark in the industry usually hire macro-influencers in order to announce their arrival to most of the people. While on the other hand, the brands that are targeting quantitative sales generally go for micro-influencers where they target the audience in groups.

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