How To Get More Followers on Instagram – Updated 2019

Building your Instagram followers isn’t as hard as you believe. It just takes the right tactics to get there for the long run. As long as you’re social and provide the right value, you will build up a following.

Like any form of social media, you need the right dedication and know how to take you far. Instagram is more-based on having the right pictures to portray your message. Here are some good tactics to help you get more followers on Instagram.

Liking Random Pictures 

Let’s face it..people will always look at who liked what? When people see that you like their content, chances are that they will like and follow your stuff as well. The key is not only liking pictures but targeting the profiles that are more closely related to you.

For example..if you had a clothing line, maybe you would like a profile that sales custom shoes. It’s good to get appreciation, a “like”, a comment, and a follow back from that profile because they are in the fashion industry. When you get that kind of feedback from others, it helps you build more clout.

Another reason why you would like random pictures is because it will get more retention to your brand. Even if the owner of the Instagram profile you liked doesn’t interact, there are other people in the fold that are curious about your profile. Use that to your advantage because that same level of discovery leads to followers right off the bat.

If they find your content interesting and engaging enough, you’ll get more frequent follows.

Putting the Right Hashtags 

Things like #TBT (Throwback Thursdays), #OOTD (Outfit of the day), and even #foodie are all great hashtags to use. The key is relevancy. If you’re making a good food post, then put a few of the item names in hashtag format.

You can even put in a popular saying like #saltbae if you do have that ingredient in the photo. This is a great way to interact and stay relevant. Social media is very trendy onto its own.

However, you should always make sure that the content matches the hashtag or it defeats the purpose. With a single good post and the right traction, you can target people in your niche from those that create what you do in your sector, people that have an interest in your niche, and the everyday person that wants to look at something intriguing.

Also, you want to follow people that even reward you on a temporary basis such as “likeforlike. People can go through their feed and see what they liked. As a result, they can go to your profile and potentially like and follow you based off someone’s own search of your pictures.

There are a bunch of ways you can gain followers with the right persuasion. Get creative and just find a tactic that works well for your brand. What ways do you draw in more followers? Give us a suggestion below.

6 Response to "How To Get More Followers on Instagram – Updated 2019"

  1. Comment From Jim Tomas

    I never realized why some people randomly seem to like pictures and put an assortment of hashtags. It all makes sense now. This is all a strategy to get more followers.

  2. Comment From Ben Stuart

    I have been able to get followers by looking at the hashtags my competitors use and try to use the same or similar ones.

  3. Comment From Vick Randolph

    This is s strategy that can work as you continue to like photos and use hashtags. It’s gradual, but it can work.

  4. Comment From Charles Davis

    If you create an variety of unique pictures that attract attention, that can also get others to like your photos and start following you.

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