How To Find Referral Users For Your Referral Program

Getting referral users for your program is important because they are the foundation to helping your brand succeed. You need to lay the bricks down properly so that you can have the right blueprint to get things going. When you have a proper rollout, then it makes things easier to help you excel in your referral brand. Here are a few major ways that you can find different referral users for your brand.

Set up a Great Landing Page
One of the best ways you can do this is by setting up a beta page. You can invite family and friends to see how they respond first. It’s a great testing ground because they will be your most trustworthy people who aren’t afraid to tell the truth. When you build this ground up from the floor, then they can start pitching to others. Also, you can start marketing it in small circles. A great landing page will entice people to sign up and they love the exclusivity because it’s an invite-only kind of vibe. Your landing page should give good detail on what your business about, the kinds of products you sell, and what to expect in the coming months of the full launch.

Get Acquainted with the Forums
Another good way to help you find referral users is through a community setting. Forums are perfect because they are great reputation builders. If you’re really active on a forum and your answers hold a lot of weight, it’s a good place to pitch your product. Of course, you want to make sure that you have a sound relationship with the forum owner and the people in the community. After you’ve cultivated a good relationship, then you can market your product. Please be sure to continue providing value while you pitch the product or service. Additionally, you want to get honest feedback through giving a few freebies to a select number of people.

Create a Good Social Media Platform
Interaction is everything especially in the social media world. You can develop a whole new demographic. This is good method of gaining referral users because so many people on their phones. With the right banner and referral link, it’s easier for your team to get results. Maybe you can do a special discount or a promo that will entice people to sign on. Not to mention, people love videos. They appeal to the senses more than simple text and you can do some product placement in the video. People like the behind the scenes look or the daily vlog. It shows more of a personal side to you and your brand. You touch the people more, and that only shows why your brand is legitimate. This helps you gain more referral users because people genuinely find value in your cause and want to be a part of the program. Planning about Referral tracking makes sure that by the time you’re ready you know and have done enough research.

These are just a few methods you can use to get more referrals. What are some ways you’re able to find referral users? Drop a note below.

3 Response to "How To Find Referral Users For Your Referral Program"

  1. Comment From Beth Ormond

    I have gotten most of my affiliates from advertising on social media. They seem to take well to my high referral commissions.

  2. Comment From Yadira Lewis

    Many of the affiliate marketing forums have sections where you can recruit affiliate marketers and promote your programs. You can build relationships with affiliate marketers here and get them to try your offerings.

  3. Comment From Benson Jamison

    I have created an affiliate landing page that highlights the top commissions I pay. That really is the bottom line. It takes a good offering to attract the top affiliates.

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