Get More eCommerce Sales and Traffic in 2019

Creating good strategies to sustain any business is essential to survival. You need the right tools of the trade to set yourself apart from the pack while still being relevant. If you don’t have a plan, then all of your work goes for naught — plain and simple.

Here are some strategies to help you get to that next step to more ecommerce sales.

Develop a Blog 

This is a good way to bring in traffic. People love updated content and to see a bit of your personality. This is a great way to keep spiders indexing your site and you can promote a mix of social content as well as plug in your business.

The key with creating a blog is value and relevancy. If you find a popular topic in your sector, don’t be afraid to tackle with a new perspective. Maybe you can even talk about a reputable brand and put you own spin on it.

This can help you get positive  attention to your blog, which means more long term sales for the end result. You can hire someone from your own team and get feedback in the comment section. This will let you know the things you’re doing correctly, and other things you may want to improve.

Keep this in mind to improve the overall quality of your site.

Creating a Powerful Social Media Brand 

The keyword here is social. Remember, your content needs to be focused on giving value and social commentary. Whether you’re giving tips and tricks to the common person or sending a funny meme, find a way to creatively bounce off your content.

Also, it’s great when you retweet or share other people’s content. It could be a brand influencer, a customer, or a random person who likes what you shared. The point is knowing the value of what you put out there in the public.

You don’t have to limit yourself to written things. Take advantage of Instagram and Snapchat stories. You can show live what you do.

You can plug in your link and people may want to view it over and over. Replay value is very important. Not to mention, you can go live on Periscope and have your own conference or vlog for a special sale in a certain period of time.

The concept of F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) is still valuable to get the impulse buyer.

Listen to Your Customer Reviews 

Feedback is important to take you to another level. You want feedback to be as honest as possible. Why? It helps you see your strengths and your weaknesses.

What’s more important than that? This helps you to clean up the things you need to improve and exploit the strengths. It’s much needed if you want your business around for long term prosperity.

These are just a few ways you can help increase ecommerce sales. What tactics do you have in mind to help you increase your revenue? Drop a comment below.



3 Response to "Get More eCommerce Sales and Traffic in 2019"

  1. Comment From Mike Lewis

    Developing a blog is key but it does take time and consistent posts. You also need to create posts that are worth reading.

  2. Comment From Jan Rife

    The key to creating and building a social platform is making sure you put your content on all channels. You need to make all platforms active and engaging.

  3. Comment From Toni Davidson

    It is not easy to listen to all customer reviews. Some really seem out of left field, but you really have to analyze where they are coming from and make appropriate changes.

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