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Brief Overview of Shopify

Whether you sells on online, social media, in your store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify is there to cover you with an e-commerce software. Shopify controls your online store, it has a complete look & feel tools and there are tons of professional themes.

Shopify manages your marketing, payments, secure checkout and product delivery. 3,25,000 or more people are generating over $24 billion with Shopify.

Shopify Referral Software Step by Step Instructions

Step 1Login to your shopify account.
Shopify referral software
Step 2Open our Shopify app at and click “Get” button.
Shopify referral software
Step 3Click “Install App”.
Shopify referral software
Step 4Approve Charge.
Shopify referral software
Step 5Now our affiliate software is installed on your Shopify store. Click “Start Setup” and fill up the forms to complete our software process.
Shopify referral software

Congratulations! Once you add this Shopify referral tracking code you have completed the setup and integration of the Omnistar Referral Software into your Shopify Store.